Colorado girl shaves head to support friend with cancer, gets banned from school

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.– A child’s act of support for a friend fighting cancer got her banned from her school.

According to NBC 11, a third grader shaved her head after her friend lost her hair during chemotherapy. They reported the school sent a letter home, which said the school has a “detailed dress code policy created to allow a safe, non-distracting environment for student.” They said shaved head were not permitted.

But after a firestorm on social media, she’s allowed back at school today (Tuesday).

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Picture via CNN


  • jessica

    Boys shave their heads all the time, I don’t see what the problem is. Shame on the school for trying to dim this child’s light.

  • Grant

    I think it would be awesome if every kid in that school shaved their head now. Let’s see if the school shuts down. Those girls are what gives this world hope!!

  • tracy myers>

    all the kids that go to that should shave their heads it is for a good reason.if one of my friends had cancer i will shave my head

  • Justin

    The person that band her from school should be fired that person doesn’t have a heart and the only reason that she was let back in school is because o of all the attention from the media if it wasn’t for that she would still be banned from school and the person that did band her should be required to sshave there head and should also not to be able to work for that school or with kids if that would have been that person kid they would not have said anything about it

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