Christopher Reeves, in Superman T-shirt, arrested in Davis County

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FARMINGTON, Utah — He won’t be kneeling before Zod, but he will have to stand before a judge.

Mug shot: Christopher Reeves

Mug shot: Christopher Reeves

Officers from the Davis County Sheriff’s Office arrested a man named Christopher Reeves Tuesday morning. Reeves is seen wearing a Superman T-shirt in his Davis County Jail booking photo.

Reeves, 33, faces several charges, including driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, possession of spice, possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute, possession of drug paraphernalia, unsafe lane travel and speeding.

According to a probable cause statement, Reeves was in possession of approximately 52 grams of meth, a baggie of spice, a metal pipe and a meth pipe.

Reeves also admitted to ingesting two Lortab pills about two hours before he was stopped, police said.

Actor Christopher Reeve, who died in 2004 at age 52, portrayed comic book hero Superman in four Hollywood films.


  • pissed

    Yeah your real funny!!! Bad enough he has to make bad decisions, now Fox 13 thinks its ok to joke about it & try to embarrass the family? Let me checfk with my lawer on that.

      • Mother of his children

        I care and so do his LDS children! Are you free from all sin? NO! Do not judge anyone’s value by thei mistakes!

      • LDS: The Book of Moron...

        I am atheist, so I do not believe in this “sin” stuff. I do not fear a magical god thing like you do…

      • wow

        LDS people are human. They make mistakes…and you don’t just drink your way to a DUI. Drugs, illegal or prescription, can get you there too.

      • LDS: The Book of Moron...

        I thought your magical underwear protected you everything. Why do you need drugs or anything like that? You are suppose to be these perfect elite people walking around Utah like you own this state…

  • Chris Hansen

    I think the family is probably already embarrassed to be associated with him.

    Just my opinion though – let’s hear another one of yours; the spelling mistakes alone are worth the cost of admission.

  • Mother of his children

    I don’t think it’s everyone’s right to make his mistakes the comical news to broadcast on the numerous channels so that his youngest daughter can hear first hand! I am contacting my lawyer immediately!

  • Mother of his children

    Don’t you people have anything better to do than voice your opinion on other people’s life? I would think that my eight year old daughter shouldn’t need to think that her father is a bad person because people find his name humorous and broadcast his mistakes nationwide!

    • Carmen Borden

      you’re upset at the wrong people. you should be upset with him. its his fault he’s there. LOL. its one thing to have that name, but to wear a superman shirt on top, is hilarious. its obvious he doesn’t care about his family, especially his 8 y/o daughter, he’s a fat drug head. he could have killed someone idiot.

    • LDS: The Book of Moron...

      Solution: do not get arrested… He’s a common criminal and should be treated as one…

    • LDS: The Book of Moron...

      Her father is a drug dealing looser, maybe she should look elsewhere for a good role model…

  • Maria Harms

    Your daughter should think he is a person who makes bad decisions and has committed a crime. The news is not reporting any false information and isn’t defaming him. Good luck with the lawyer thing. I guess it is time for you to have a conversation with the kids about daddy’s poor decision making skills and explain right from wrong.

    • LDS: The Book of Moron...

      Spelling correcting is a smart act… Apple does not fall far from the tree in this family…

  • pissed

    Guess FOX-13 filters what I really have to say to people who have nothing better to do than make fun of others. Sorry I missed spelled I was very mad at the time. Guess you have no life to just sit around and criticise my spelling when the real issue is FOX-13 thinks its ok to make jokes about this. Think maybe family has feelings? Or are we considered crminals also just because he makes bad decisions? Really?

    • Carmen Borden

      its not the responsiblity of the news station to coddle the family. its to report the news period. this wasn’t some “i”ll run the stop sign because i don’t see any cops around” bad decision. lets get that straight. and if the family is humiliated, then its his fault not the fault of the station for its report. he should have thought about how stupid and criminal he was being. and its free press for a reason. don’t want to be in the news, then don’t commit a criminal act. LOL, if i were married to this idiot, i’d certainly quit my job. LOL oh what a funny.

    • LDS: The Book of Moron...

      Maybe you should be passed at him. He’s the loser who got your family in the news…

    • o.O

      A couple things…

      1) Missed spelled? Wow. Just wow.

      2) Getting on news sites and adding this type of behavior bc you’re mad

      this new channel dared reporting on one of your family members and

      pointing out the obvious connection to Superman and how similar

      the offenders name is to one of the actors who portrayed the

      character isn’t helping. The guy messed up. He has to deal with

      the consequences. People will crack jokes when the joke is already

      set up for them. If you don’t like it then read something else. I’m

      thinking basic English might be a good choice.

  • a friend

    You know every one of you can talk bad about chris all you want but truth is you know nothing about who he is other than he has made some not so good decisions in life. This does not reflect on the person he is. Which is a good hearted man that loved his wife and kids and still does. A man with the ability to respect people around him and treat others fairly with out passing judgments on others, along with standing up for what he believes in and the others around him.

    • LDS: The Book of Moron...

      He’s a loser criminal who deals drugs… What else is there to know about this scum bag?

  • Carmen Borden

    this wasn’t just some bad decision, this was a serious criminal act which could have resulted in the death of another because of that “bad” decision. this wasn’t some first time incident and therefore, it does reflect the type of person he is. which is irresponsible and reckless. he didn’t respect anyone in the community especially his family. he’s facing serious charges and is no good to his family while sitting in jail or prison now is he? “…standing up for what…” really? and what’s that, the right to drive around under the influence of illegal substances, while putting others in danger?

  • Louise

    To the family: I am so sorry for what you’re going through and so sorry for the mean people on here who have only made it worse for you! May God be with all of you and help your husband/daddy with his problems. We never know when it might be us or something in our family next!

    • LDS: The Book of Moron...

      I don’t deal drugs or take drugs or drink and drive, so I don’t see this happening to me. This guy is a scum bag and should be treated as such…

    • Loving this convo

      Louise you do not need to apologize for anything that anyone is saying on here. How do you even know that those comments are even from his actual family? I have plenty of family that do drugs and get arrested. If they ended up on the news and people made a humorous joke about their name/mugshot I would join in! They deserve it!

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