Steven Powell released from prison in Washington

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OLYMPIA, Wash. — Steven Powell, the father of Josh Powell, was released from a Washington state prison Sunday.

Powell  has served a little less than two years for several counts of voyeurism he was charged with in 2012 for taking inappropriate photos of young neighbor girls in their home in Washington.

This weekend marks the end of Powell’s prison sentence.

Law enforcement found the photos of the neighborhood children during a search of Powell’s home for evidence about his missing daughter-in-law, Susan Cox Powell, who disappeared from her home in West Valley City in December of 2009. Powell’s daughter, Jennifer Graves, testified against her father and has said in the past she’s got some fears he may retaliate once he’s free.

“He would definitely have to have a spirit of vengeance to be coming after somebody, Chuck or us, he would actively have to give up the rest of his life to achieve that, but so I don’t think he’s going to at this point,” she said.

Susan Cox-Powell has never been found, but her father, Chuck Cox, and Jennifer Graves continue to search, despite West Valley City announcing they have closed their investigation.

Powell will be required to wear a GPS locator for at least the first 30 days of his community supervision.

He will also be required to attend a sex-offender treatment program and follow the terms of his community supervision,

Click here for more information regarding Powell’s release and the crimes he was convicted of.


  • Bitsko

    Don’t worry about your kids. He’ll be keeping an eye on them.

    Seriously, why is this guy out? He produced child pornography, then made videos of himself “using” it. How much more evidence does it take?

    This guy is a one man freak show.

    • Stef

      Agreed, completely. This freak is a monster who WILL ‘strike’ again. He should remain behind bars for the rest of his pathetic life until he draws his last breath and joins his equally evil son in the pit of he!!.

  • Stinger

    Parents, Be sure to close the blinds in your child’s room. I also hope all of his neighbors are armed and willing to shoot if needed. He will strike again. steven powell is a waste of skin and should not be allowed oxygen to breath!!!!!!! I believe he played a large part in Susan’s disappearance. I hope one day they can prove it and hang him.

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