Video shows aftermath of crash on I-15, Bangerter

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SALT LAKE CITY -- At least one person sustained minor injuries in an accident on I-15 Saturday afternoon.

The crash occurred sometime around 2 p.m. on I-15 northbound near Bangerter Highway; traffic was slowed, but by shortly before 3 p.m. all northbound lanes in the area were open again.

Video from the scene shortly after the accident shows the extent of the damage to at least one vehicle. Sgt. Cox of the Utah Highway Patrol said one person sustained minor injuries.

The cause of the accident was not immediately clear. FOX 13 News will have more information as it becomes available.


  • E Newcomer

    We were in the initial accident. We were rear ended as traffic was coming to an abrupt stop just past the Bangerter exit. The car behind us was badly damaged and the wife needed an ambulance. When the firefighters and EMTs arrived they were slowing traffic. The way the first fire truck was situated we had no idea there were other accidents that had occurred because of our first initial one. We hope and pray that little family that hit us are going to be okay.

  • Trace

    Nothing like promoting RUBBER NECKING which could also lead to extra accidents! Just drive and stop being part of the problem. Bunch of losers. Great job!

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