Millerberg sentenced in Alexis Rasmussen’s death

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OGDEN, Utah -- The man convicted in the disappearance and death of 16-year-old Alexis Rasmussen was sentenced to serve up to life in prison.

Eric Millerberg was sentenced to serve 5-to-life for child abuse homicide, 1-to-15 years for obstruction of justice and up to 5 years on unlawful sexual conduct and desecration of a corpse. The judge ordered the sentences to be carried out consecutively.

In court, Millerberg offered an apology of sorts -- but pointed out to the judge that he wasn't the only one involved.

"I'm willing to shoulder the responsibility for the things that I've done and the roles that I played. This isn't all mine. I feel for their loss," he said, referring to Alexis' family. "I know that doesn't mean much coming from me, I can imagine how the family feels, but I'm sorry. I'm sorry."

Speaking to Millerberg in court, Alexis' mother, Dawn Miera, was in tears.

"My family will never be the same," Miera said. "Even if you're not going to accept responsibility, you can still be sorry for what has happened."

Millerberg was convicted last month of giving Alexis a combination of heroin and methamphetamine back in 2011. Prosecutors say he and his wife, Dea Millerberg, engaged in sexual conduct with the girl. When she died of an overdose, prosecutors alleged the couple dumped Alexis' body off I-84 in Morgan County.

Her badly decomposed remains were found 38 days later.

Prosecutors insisted that Millerberg was to blame for Alexis' death, and told the judge he has shown zero remorse for the crime.

"I didn't see him blink back one tear," deputy Weber County Attorney Chris Shaw said. "Does he assume any responsibility?"

Second District Court Judge Scott Hadley called Alexis' death "especially egregious."

"The sexual conduct, it was so depraved," the judge told Millerberg. "She was simply an immature victim and you took advantage."

Millerberg's wife, Dea, is facing criminal charges in connection with Alexis' death. She was offered an immunity deal in exchange for her testimony. What she said in court could not be used against her.

Weber County Attorney Dee Smith told FOX 13 outside of court he had been speaking with her attorney about a possible resolution to her case.


  • Just My Opinion

    He should just be executed and be done with it…
    I’m glad the family found justice..

  • Jessica Lawrence

    DIRTBAG TO DO WHAT HE DID TO MY 2nd COUSIN!!!! I think he should be tortured the way he tortured her… He makes me sick!!!!!

  • Shawn

    This is bull they didn’t give him the death penalty is this Wat our justice system is coming to really im very angered by this

  • jewlzzz

    I hate to break it to you guys but justice has a price tag and most of us can’t or won’t purchase it.
    It’s called white, mormon. rich.
    This pig will get his……..

  • April Newhart

    I say let him rot in prison. Giving him the death penalty makes us no better than he is & it’s cheaper for us tax payers. You would have 20 years of appeals to deal with. Let him rot in prison in general confinement, he’ll get what’s coming to him.

    • jewlzzz

      Your so right that skank he was hooked up to got a slap on the wrist, well I’d like to give them both and the deal makers a slap across the face. Let them see how the real world lives.
      My sister was also killed, they didn’t even bother to look for anyone, because she wasn’t white, she wasn’t rich, and she wasn’t mormon……..

  • Stephen

    I agree with all of you that he should die. In our case, the monster that murdered my sister got 15 to life. He beat her and tore her hair off her head that she completley bleed to death. He got 15 to life. If we want the justice to fit the crime we have to elect new people up on the hill to make the changes to the law. The law is set by those that are on capitol hill. Those are the ones we need to go after to make the chages needed.

  • Teisha

    He isn’t the one who injected the drugs into her, Dea was!!! Her and her family will never get complete justice because others involve dare still out walking the streets and Dea is one of them!!!

  • Dirty

    obviously many of you have never done time in a prison death row is way to easy for a scumbag. 25 years of appeals a tv and segragated from the inmate population that stays hungry for sick f***s. I have done over 11 years in state and federal prisons and believe me he is about to live inside a nightmare every chance they get he will be attacked. Just waiting for trial he was stabbed several times and assaulted. Why would you want him to die. Let the inmates torture him until he is either killed or can’t take it anymore and kills himself. Death row is to easy for him. He is walking in to a four corse feast and he’s dinner. Let him feel everyday fear. And in the end the result will justify the means as he rots in a prison cemetery

  • nunyabiz

    All you guys hear only what THEY want you to hear. There’s soooo much more to the story he’s not the only one to blame there are others that had more to do with it then him that are walking the streets right now. Not only that but Alexis…never mind

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