Boy dies after crash at Miller Motorsports Park

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TOOELE, Utah — A 10-year-old boy who was involved in a motocross accident Saturday has died from his injuries.

Tyce Olsen was flown to the hospital after crashing at the motocross track at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele.

The North Tooele Fire District said it happened at approximately 6:30 p.m. after the boy went off a jump.

“Motocross racing was his passion in life, and all he ever wanted to do,” the Olsen family wrote in a statement. “We took every precaution to ensure our son was safe. We made sure he wore his protective gear in every race.”

The Olsen family said in order to keep Tyce’s memory alive, they have decided to donate is organs.


  • Toni

    Wow, please don’t hurt these parents with such visious and ignorant comments like that!! Do we pull our kids out of all sports in fear of a horrible accident!! Please have compassion for these loving parents

  • Toni

    Keep your fears to yourself please, let this family find peace. You are entitled to your OPINION but it is not serving its purpose at such a tragic time for this family!, if its something you are really passionate about, get off your butt and take action in your community, don’t just sit at home pointing fingers and making judgments on loving parents that are right now living a nightmare!! Please go to your heart and treat these people how you would expect others to treat a family member of yours!!
    I am a stranger that is feeling great sorrow for this family

  • workingthroughmyhusbandsaffair

    Have some respect. Judge not, lest others judge you. You did not know this boy. He was in my daughter’s class. He was an extremely bright, wells mannered and respectful boy. He was a friend to all. Your comments are hateful, ignorant and uncalled for. There is no point in spewing hate during a very heartbreaking time for so many. I suggest you repent, it’s needed.

    I will miss seeing your handsome, smiling face on Tuesdays, Tyce. My deepest condolences to your family; especially your parents and sisters.

  • Yrogers

    This is very sad , please respect the family they are grieving and I would not wish this on anyone . Sorry for the family’s loss

  • dave

    Wow…my heart and prayers go out to this family, there friends, and his peers. I’m very Glad I didn’t get a chance to see the negative comments I hears you people reply too. …God has a plan for all of us. We don’t understand what that plan is, but we must trust in our hearts that it was meant to be. My dad got me a pullstart minibike at 3 and I took my communion money and bought a YZ80. I raced from 9 to 24. Raced professional motocross (well tried to quality Lol) and both my boys do now. Without the goals motocross taught me. I had a good chance of getting involved in drugs, gangbanging, or in jail. People get killed daily crossing streets. Please anyone reading this… take a moment and say a prayer for this family and keep negativity to yourself. Goodness this young’s and may he be shredding the most awesome track in heaven!!

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