Report: Investigators conclude missing Malaysia Airlines flight was hijacked

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The Malaysia Airlines passenger flight MH370 that went missing March 8, 2014, on its trip from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing was a Boeing. Image courtesy CNN.

Investigators looking into the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 have determined that one of the pilots, or a person with flight experience, hijacked the Boeing 777 and steered it off course.

FOX News reports that Malaysian government officials have reportedly said a motive has not been established and it is not clear where the plane was taken.

The officials stated hijacking was no longer a theory, “it is conclusive.”

Earlier, data pointed toward human intervention.

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  • I'm no lemming

    Duh! Seriously it was obvious the minute the plane was reported to have “disappeared”. Especially regarding the odd circumstances of it flying below radar for several hours past the last time it made contact, and the cell phones that would ring but not be answered. All that wasted man power and money searching, when the end conclusion was obvious from day one!

  • Brad Patterson Pga

    Correction on your story graphic FOX News. This is a Boeing 777-200ER that was hijacked. It is NOT a Boeing 777-200. The difference? The 777-200ER has a range of 7725 miles with bombs attached. The distance from where it is likely parked along the Pakistan-Iran border to New York City is 7114 miles. That makes it likely this was an intentional theft of a Boeing 777-200ER and NOT a MH370.

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