LDS Church issues statement regarding legal action, fraud allegation

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A file photo of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' Temple Square in Salt Lake City.

SALT LAKE CITY – Officials with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints issued a statement Friday in response to legal proceedings in Britain that came about as a result of claims some of the LDS Church’s teachings are fraudulent.

Arguments were heard by the Westminster Magistrate District Court Friday after action brought forward by Tom Phillips.

LDS Church Spokesman Cody Craynor released a pair of statements Friday in response to the issue:

“There was absolutely no requirement for President Monson to appear today. The Church was represented by legal counsel to contest the appropriateness of the summons.”

“Unfortunately there is nothing to stop a member of the public with a personal grievance playing this kind of mischief with the legal system. The Church respects the judicial system and the law, and we are well prepared to see the process through. A court case which seeks to put a religion on trial for its theology has no precedent and we are ultimately confident that it will be dismissed.”

A transcript of a podcast interview with Phillips posted on details Phillips’ reasoning for the legal action. lists Phillips as its current managing editor.

The transcript quotes Phillips: “First of all, this is not allegations of fraud against the religion. This is a criminal allegation against a corporate entity that is worldwide, that markets in a deceptive manner in order to receive financial benefit. It is a corporation that sends out salesman, eighty thousand[s] of them or whatever, to market a product. Not only do they not give full disclosure, they actually give false information about their product, and about their history, their doctrines, and they do not give full disclosure. These allegations are all based on factual statements. So this is the case. If you look at this as a corporation they have committed financial fraud under this specific act. It’s not a type of religion.”


  • Truth

    Does god condemn me for paying tithe to the Mormon church? I would like the anti riffraff to answer that question?

    • what is wanted

      We don’t know that we teach that…….however he did give you a brain to think with unfortunately you no longer use it because you are now at the meat stage of your indoctrination,and feelings takes precedence over all reason and critical thinking.

      • Truth

        I’m responsible for myself. I take full credit for my salvation. That’s all you can say is every member a brain washed member. Just because you feel like you were lied to for sooooo many years. You are irresponsible and arrogant. You’ve said nothing necessarily different from typical anti Mormon references. You have not added anything new to the conversation. Just insulting stupid remarks from an offended point of view.

    • Heksjepeksje

      I would like you to answer my question first!

      Come on!.. where is it? Scritptural reference where it says that you don’t have to pay tithing to go to the temple.

      Or a link to a talk from a GA will be acceptable too.
      Come on then, prove to us that you are are more than a name calling nitwit and put your money where your mouth is.

      • Truth

        You felt guilted the entire time you were Mormon. Who guilted you? I don’t feel guilt. It’s my own conscious that dictates what I feel not what other people think. You’re a joke!

  • Heksjepeksje

    Well, folks, I am off to enjoy my sunday. You see these days sunday is the most wonderful day of the week. I get to spend it with my family, we sleep late, we have a lazy long sunday brunch together, and then we might go out for a hike, or visit gran, or potter about in the garden. Or maybe we’ll just hang out in the house, watch a movie or play a game. No meetings, no rules, no guilt.
    Just love, and relaxation and chilling out.

    I hope you all have a lovely day.

  • Truth

    Why the anti Mormons can’t leave the church alone. They all have deep beliefs of LDS concepts. Maybe they have some deep concerns with the current prophet, maybe they don’t like paying tithe, maybe they don’t agree with the word of wisdom. What is the statute of limitations that their one problem with the church were to be dismissed or made ok. If all ex members justifications were granted there would be no teachings or standards to live by.
    Therefore they can’t leave, because fundamentally they believe in a truths such as a living prophet but their dilemma is the don’t have one to follow. So rather than move on, they are left fighting the church to allow the one sin they struggle with.
    Is that right, can anyone dispute that.

    • Heksjepeksje

      You don’t dispute anything. you just fling abuse and don’t answer any questions posed to you.

      YOU are the joke. And you have lost the right to my time and attention.

      • Truth

        Hahahaha. I thought you already left for the day. You can’t stop. You can’t get enough digs in that you want to. Come on man. Tell me how you really feel. This is gonna eat at you all day. Lol!!!!!

    • Jolanda

      lol, of course I – and heaps of other people – can dispute that. Even President Uchtdorf disputes that, or did you not listen to his talk during the past october general conference?? it is so easy to accuse people who leave of sinning or wanting to sin, or leaving because their feelings got hurt. Well, I was an active member for 35 years. i love my branch.but I simply came to the conclusion that many LDS teachings are not true, or even wrong. simply wrong. so I left. it’s a matter of integrity.

  • Brian

    As an active member of the LDS church, I am disappointed that some of my fellow members would lie on this board. You do need to be a full-tithe payer to go to the temple. If you’re let in otherwise, you’re not following the church handbook of instruction. I can’t believe this fact is being obsfucated. Are we ashamed of our own doctrines? You can’t go to the celestial kingdom without being a full tithe payer.

    • Jolanda

      thank you Brian. I agree with you wholeheartedly. How can one defend his religion by misrepresenting it; s teachings?

    • NRA-Jeff

      There is a class of members who pay no tithing, and still enjoy all the privileges of membership: Students, missionaries, the indigent, i.e., members who have no income that would qualify as “tithe-able” income. If there is nothing to take 10% of, then you can pay nothing and still honestly say you are a full-tithe payer, I would think.

  • Truth

    Anti-Mormons, what is the point? You’re are making no headway. You have nothing to offer that is better. You just want to mormon bash. I’m not writing you to convince you I’m right. I just think you are going nowhere and you want somebody to follow you. You are all too smart for your own good. You don’t donate or sacrifice your time energy or effort or money. You simply want everyone to think want you think. It’s kind of a fascism that exists among you, you cannot see it any other way but your own. Have fun with that.

    • Truth Too

      “And he spake this parable unto certain which trusted in themselves that they were righteous, and despised others: 10Two men went up into the temple to pray; the one a Pharisee, and the other a publican. 11The Pharisee stood and prayed thus with himself, God, I thank thee, that I am not as other men are, extortioners, unjust, adulterers, or even as this publican. 12I fast twice in the week, I give tithes of all that I possess.” Certainly non-members give and donate and sacrifice, we cannot purport to know everyone’s hearts. From your comments, perhaps it is you who cannot see from anyone else’s perspective?

      • Truth

        No where am I saying I am better than anyone else. But that there is an expectation for me to agree based on just a negative view point. No other offerings or sacrifices to reinforce their teachings. That are worthless, meaningless arguments.

    • Nick

      I feel the same as most Mormons: If I can save even one person I’ve done my job. In this case, however, it’s from the fraud of the LDS church I don’t “bash” your church because it’s fun and misery loves company. I do it because I’ve seen the happiness that affects individuals after leaving the church (and unfortunately, the pain that accompanies leaving the LDS church). After the pain which can feel like losing a loved one, because of the part it plays in ones life, the healing can begin. All I ask is for you to look at both sides of this argument with the intent of finding the truth, regardless of how much it might hurt. Knowledge is power.

    • ApostleDodo

      We get a kick out of watching cult members being taken as fools by the corporation who sit back and count the money,while imbeciles like you stand in their defense. Very entertaining to say the least especially as you await your mission call to clean the bathrooms at that great and spacious mall.

  • ctopham

    i would like to say we the mormon people are in the hands of god and who so ever try to take use down will fail and in that day that we prove the world wright about the teaching and wrighting of the book of mormon
    will be a blessed on that day on are part and theres we have been tared featherd had a two men murderd in cold blood those two men we beleave so if someone thinks thy can stand up to a million mormons or more well tell them the hand of god will strike them down.

    • ApostleDodo

      Kindly give us the details on your meeting with God wherein he revealed this to you……I suspect you are suffering with the JS syndrome.

  • Joe S

    The debates are off point about whether tithing is mandatory. The suit claims that demonstrably (and knowingly) false statements are promulgated to induce individuals to give money to the church. One could similarly argue that victims of investment fraud weren’t required to invest.

  • ApostleDodo

    Tom Phillips is still a member elevated to the status of a God having received his second annointing……………oh the irony to think that the Morg actually created him and now don’t know how to deal with him,because they certainly can’t ex him.They probably will come up with a new marketing phrase such as “we only have beliefs not facts”

    No doubt this will all be cleared up at the April conference when the self annointed profit monson wiggles his ears.

  • mel pett

    I do pay a full tithe, no one is coercing me to do it and i do see the benefits from it, i am in need of something and something happens and i get it, a house, a job, coincidences i think not, as i have been paying for 30 years i see the blessings time and time again, i am not in debt and have come through the recession ok as i have managed my money and family, i am on a very low income, i have other family members who are on 3 times we are yet they are in deep debt.

    I read the book of mormon and i get something from it each time i do, so i don’t have to be proven to me about its historical accuracy. though i do love to study the background of it. i actually teach a history course at one of the universities in Wales UK and continually tell my student to find evidence, but the response to the evidence can keep changing as more evidence comes forward.

    As to science, science is finding out how God created the world, it all has order and law to it, even scientists change their theories as they find more evidence and are learning all the time, so science is not absolute or stands still.

    • Patriot Gran ny

      I recently returned to the Church and started paying tithing again at the beginning of this year. Within a few days of sending my first checks, my daughter was offered a free special needs stroller from people who no longer needed theirs. She had been looking for one for over a year, hoping to find a used one, new ones start at over $1200.

  • Andy

    If you want see what Mormonism and temple rituals are about go and visit the Newnamenoah channel on YouTube.
    Here you will see for yourself the repetitive Oaths and rituals the initiated participants must indulge in.
    These are secretly filmed Mormon temple ceremonies that are constructed to control and brainwash the participants into blind and total obedience.
    The fear of loss of eternal salvation and their families, makes the members continue to pay 10% of their annual income into the church.
    Tithing is required to be paid to gain entry into Temples and Mormon heaven. And where Mormons can become Gods.
    Financial fraud and blackmail on a massive scale.

  • Patriot Gran ny

    The case was thrown out. It’s on BBC news. Judge called it an abuse of the courts. Hopefully they will move on, but I was on a message board this morning and they are talking about filing lawsuits in a bunch of different countries. I can’t figure our why they don’t just move on.

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