Family who relocated for cannabis extract considers coming home after new law passes

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SALT LAKE CITY -- A Farmington family who moved to Colorado to get cannabis oil for their epileptic son now has the chance to come home to Utah.

David and Mandi Cromar are celebrating a bill that would give parents legal access to cannabis oil in Utah.

Now that House Bill 105 has passed, the Cromars are talking about coming home but said they have a lot to consider. Meanwhile, other families feel they no longer have to uproot their lives for cannabidiol, or CBD, oil.

Just three months ago, the Cromars sold their Farmington home and moved to Colorado Springs for legal access to cannabidiol oil, which is extracted from “Charlotte’s Web,” a special breed of cannabis that is high in CBD but low in psychoactive THC. The oil is for their 6-year-old son, Holden, who has a rare form of epilepsy and suffers clustered seizures.

However, when House Bill 105 passed the Utah legislature allowing parents to possess CBD oil without fear of prosecution, "We were really excited and very surprised," said David Cromar, Holden’s father.

"I'd love to come home, I seriously would love to come home," said Mandi Cromar, Holden’s mom.

However, the Cromars know returning home isn’t so simple. They're still on a waiting list in Colorado just to try CBD oil. Right now, Holden is using a similar non-psychoactive cannabis extract that's getting results, his parents said. He now has about half of those clustered seizures.

"So we're seeing some reduction,” David said. “And as we work him up on this and find seizure control with the THC-A, we really would have second thoughts of taking him off something that's working to try the CBD."

"I think I would be willing to try it just for that chance to go home," Mandi said

The Cromars are both conflicted, yet patient and their situation hinges on how flexible Utah's law is and whether Governor Herbert signs it as expected. Neon Trees bassist Branden Campbell and his wife Emilie have a 6-year-old son, Connor, who suffers from epilepsy.

"He has about 100 a day and it's debilitating for him," said Emilie Campbell. "We spent some time last fall, last September, looking at apartments in Colorado wondering if that's something we were going to have to do."

Instead, Emilie Campbell joined other moms fighting for HB 105 in Utah and they won. Just talking about it choked up Branden.

"Sacrifice like this for their kids and all the kids, it's awesome," Branden said.

Gov. Herbert is expected to sign HB 105 March 25. The Campbells said once it takes effect on July 1, they'll be able to see if cannabis oil works for their son and they're grateful they didn't have to uproot their lives.

As for the Cromars, they plan on waiting until at least the fall, possibly trying CBD oil, then determining if it’s best to come home to Utah.


  • TMH

    This is great news for Utah, but far to Limiting..Legalize the whole plant for medicinal purposes.There are far more conditions that can be treated with this plant besides just this one . People have thrown away handfuls of pills for just this one substance with dramatic results!!. And very few side effects. BIG PHARMA and Doctors are the ones responsible for the current heroin epidemic that is sweeping the nation and killing thousands.!! And for all those who oppose, Do some RESEARCH, The key is, forget the reefer madness that the U.S. propaganda machine rolled through the country in 1937. I promise you will be amazed.. 77 years of prohabition is a lot of wasted time that can’t be

  • marie

    The use of heroin, meth and cocaine is worse then marijuana has ever been. Some people think it’s addictive. I don’t know anyone who had become addicted. Even if a regular user goes wuthout

    • marie

      To finish my comment above: Even if a regular user doesn’t use for awhile, there are no deadly withdrawals like there is with the more dangerous, deadly drugs that literally change the whole personality. Some drug addicts may be able to use pot to get off the deadly drugs. The government thinks they can stop the use of heroin, cocaine and meth are in denial about the reality of those drugs. The people who are addicted will always be addicted. They may become sober for awhile but their body and mind will always crave it. What about the legal drugs that are prescribed on a daily basis? Just because they are doesn’t make them any less addictive. The truth is some of those drugs are responsible for someone to become addicted to the stronger,more dangerous drugs. Marijuana is not one of them. Marijuana is a natural herb, not some chemical mixture made in a lab.

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