Big Budah’s blog: Treating my Achilles’ Heel

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Let me just get this off my chest…being injured SUCKS! (Big long sigh).

I believe without a doubt that exercise is a mood regulator because I have not been able to exercise due to my bone spur and “pump bump” in my left heel. I haven’t been a pain in the butt to others, but the pain is definitely visible on my face according to my family and friends.

I am very happy though to be going in for surgery tomorrow to remove the cause of the pain with Dr. Royall at the Cottonwood Surgery Center in Murray. I will have to wear a different kind of boot and stay off my foot for a while, so I am hoping to get one of those scooters to use while I am healing.

Next update I will have pics or video from the surgery and recovery. Thanks for all of your well wishes and support. Thank you to Doctors Cottom & Richards, BMI Utah and Salt Lake Regional Medical Center for the change in my life: To want to get better to continue my journey to a healthier lifestyle.

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