Video: ‘Listen, Linda’ persuasive 3-year-old pleads cupcake case

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After hearing he wouldn’t be getting any cupcakes, this 3-year-old launched a spirited, and persuasive, counter-argument. See the video above for the child’s hilarious line of reasoning.


  • Colleen

    Wait until he is arguing like this in middle school. Funny, but that would NOT have been my kid. Red flag, Linda Honey.

  • marbles

    Was I the only one bothered by this? This child is very disrespectul, of his mother, my children never called me anything but mom. This kid would have made it into the corner chair, and would have had his bum swatted! NO means NO!! this is not cute or respectful! Hopefully he will become a lawyer,

  • gina salazar

    This 3 year old is absolutely adorable! Hmmmm.. wonder if this is how my husband got his start?

  • Nunya

    You people are so over-sensitive! He is not displaying signs of abuse. He is clearly having sincere and playful conversation with his mother. He displays no sign of fear and his body language shows a confident young boy. Nothing in this indicates abuse.

    Also, if you notice, it sounds like he’s mimicking his mother’s parents (whom he references in the conversation). He probably isn’t be obstinate so much as he is parroting her parents. I’m just glad he knows his mom’s name, but that’s the public servant/safety side of my mind.

    He’s cute and clearly happy. Chill out and laugh like everyone else. Go be a lawyer kiddo!

  • Leka LO

    He is not being abused. If it was abused he would’ve been gotten slapped before he finished LINDA LINDA …. lol btw he is adorable. Not disrespectful. He is just expressing himself. I thought it was cute. My son calls my husband by his name. Not out of respect but because he hears me saying his name. I don’t call him daddy so he just picked up his name.

  • Dylan

    Yeah I agree with the people who say it’s disrespectful. You do not call your mother by her first name. I admit it’s funny but at the same time “honey listen” would have gotten me smacked when I was a child.

  • Robert

    It is disrespectful he is a 3 year old kid he doesn’t know better but he is I cute and adorable learn how to have a sense of humor and a heart to the people saying it’s disrespectful like really? A 3 year old kid is disrespectful he doesn’t even know what disrespectful means so for real chill out he is such a cute kid

  • Terry M

    i would not bet on this child not knowing what disrespect is, he is obnoxious! and out of control. Mom, you would not be able to control him when he turns 10, believe me! He is not a victim of abuse, more of a victim of let him do what he wants.
    Great Grand Mother

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