Utah’s ‘Zion Curtain’ to remain as bill flounders in Senate

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SALT LAKE CITY – The so-called ‘Zion Curtain’ will remain in place at bars in Utah restaurants after a bill seeking to remove the barriers met opposition in the Utah Senate.

Rep. Kraig Powell, R-District 54, said he has abandoned efforts to pass HB 285 due to opposition in the State Senate.

The bill would have removed the 7-foot 2-inch tall barriers that restaurants in the state must have in place to prevent children from seeing alcoholic beverages being prepared.

For more on the debate surrounding the issue and HB 285, click here.

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  • Jaqueline

    And yet, a child watching any newscast will see the same beer being poured or cocktail being made in the video clip. Such hipocrisy and silliness.

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