Dad speaks out about son’s ordeal with alleged drug kingpin

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Thirty-one new felony charges have been filed against an accused drug kingpin who allegedly target undocumented Latino boys.

Police say if the victims didn’t perform sex acts or sell drugs for 42-year-old Victor Rax, he threatened to deport them and their families.

The charges include child abuse, human trafficking and drug distribution. After they were filed Monday, the parents of one victim came forward.

The father would only identify himself as “Ignacio.” His son is now 18.

Ignacio’s son met Rax when he was 14 while attending East High School. The teen was lured by gifts.

"Well he'd offer us money (the teen said) to buy us shoes, clothes, and the only thing we had was to take boxes with candies and give it to different persons," Ignacio said.

Ignacio’s son started skipping school and using marijuana. He said his son then started dealing drugs at school.

"I think cocaine,” Ignacio said.

Ignacio went missing for a week. When he came home he told his father he was hanging out with friends.

Ignacio didn’t believe him and questioned a friend.

“We asked him, ‘you know Julio, where was he a week ago?’” Ignacio asked.

The friend knew where the teen had been.

“Oh yeah, we passed the time with the guy they call Uncle, the nickname for that guy,” his son’s friend told Ignacio.

It was the nickname for Rax, arrested by Utah's SECURE Strike Force Feb. 11.

Police say Rax targeted undocumented Latino boys, telling them and their families would be deported if they didn't sell drugs for him at local schools or perform sex acts.

"He told me sometimes had be with those kids and they'd be drinking. Boxes of alcohol. We'd get drunk and didn’t know nothing,” Ignacio said.

According charging documents, Rax used alcohol and drugs to sedate kids as young as 7, then would sexually assault them while they were unconscious.

“He just looked weird but didn’t talk about nothing but came back in different clothes, something probably happened there," Ignacio said

He says Rax constantly called his son over a three-year period but no one came forward out of fear.

Rax, who's an ex-convict from Guatemala, has been deported seven times.  The latest charges against him date back to 2006.

Prosecutors believe his days of criminal enterprise have come to an end.

"There are so many heinous things this man has been charged with that he will be wrapped up forever," said Missy Larsen, spokeswoman for the Utah Attorney General’s Office.

Rax now faces a total of 34 felony charges.  He’s due in court Tuesday afternoon for a preliminary hearing. Prosecutors are asking that bail be increased.  They say Rax is a danger to the community and a flight risk.

Last week police arrested Rax’s two brothers, one of whom is accused of tampering with a witness.


  • Grace

    The AG’s office was “working with the undocumented community”?
    Did the “undocumented” loss their documents? were they stolen? Or is it the case that the “undocumented” are here illegally? If they weren’t here, we wouldn’t be having this problem…. Why doesn’t our governent
    follow those laws? Why do I have to have a pass port to enter the US?

    • Eric Anderson

      In this case, it’s a matter of being more concerned with getting a monster off the streets than in deporting a few landscapers.

      In the greater scheme of things, though, a creep like that couldn’t operate if we took our border security seriously.

      We not only allow people to walk across our borders, but we openly and blatantly PREFER the illegals to the ones who try to do it right. Immigration is an Illegal Mexicans Club. No one else is welcome.

      But hey….at least we’re not racists. Right? We’ll prove it by keeping those nasty blonde people out.

  • Eric Anderson

    I’m a believer in the death penalty, but some creeps are so poisonous I wouldn’t even offer them such an easy way out. This guy needs the TORTURE penalty. Every Friday night for the rest of his life, on pay-per-view. They could have a drawing and choose something from the Suggestion Box. Give all the proceeds to the victims.

  • Just my opinion

    Their legal status is irrelevant this creep raped children, and should be shot in the head. End of story.

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