Most LDS Church members oppose ordination of women, study shows

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SALT LAKE CITY -- More than half of women who are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints say marriage is more satisfying when the husband provides for the family and the wife takes care of things at home, according to a 2011 Pew Research study.

“That’s the arrangement for my family and I do find it very satisfying, but I do think there’s power in doing it because it’s what you choose to do and because you have considered other options and have other options -- as opposed to doing it because that’s the only way things can be,” said Sara Hanks, blogger for Feminist Mormon Housewives.

According to the study, 90 percent of women believe that women should not be ordained to the priesthood.

The priesthood is held only by LDS men who uphold the Church’s standards.

Eighty-seven percent of LDS men believe women should not be ordained, the study showed.

Debra Jenson is the spokeswoman for ‘Ordain Women,’ a group that is fighting for women to receive the priesthood.

Jenson disagreed with the statistics saying the study did not ask the questions correctly.

“The Pew study asked people to agree with an idea that the prophet has not supported yet, so it absolutely violates this foundational idea of who we are,” Jenson said.

For the past year many women have joined the group Ordain Women in an effort to appeal to Church leaders to change its rules about women and the priesthood.

The group with renew its push to ordain LDS women and seek admittance to the priesthood session during April’s General Conference session.

“I think the roles of everyone will change in ways we can’t imagine but for women, yes, and it’s exciting. It’s good women can bring things to the table others cannot,” Jenson said.

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  • Eric Anderson

    There are only two kinds of people: Believers, who believe that God is personally calling the shots. And non-believers, who don’t have a dog in this fight.

    Either way, arguments on the subject say more about the hate and rage of the people doing the arguing than anything else. There is no logic behind it, either way. Believe if you want. Mind your own business if you don’t.

    Try it. It’s quite freeing.

    • This state is psycho...

      God’s will? What is his will? Some stories in a thousands of years old story book? Get with the times and evolve… Equality over “God”…

    • MQB3

      Wow. Trish actually got it right for a change.

      Yes, if you’re a believing Mormon then it’s about God’s will, and you don’t argue. If you’re not, then mind your own business.

      It’s not that complicated.

    • Dave K

      When women can hold the priesthood, I’ll volunteer to help with the dishes and changing diapers. I might even let my wife drive. Or my daughters learn to read.

      Until then, I’m glad we have strict gender roles that complement each other. Men work, control money, and make the decisions. Women nurture, control children, and obey their husbands. If women were allowed to do the things men do – vote, earn money, drive cars, baptize their children – then women would be the same as men and the family unit would break apart.

      • MQB3

        You mean to say you’re not helping with the diapers, etc, now?

        Dude… don’t understand your own religion. And you’d best start shopping for a good divorce lawyer.

  • Hubie02

    Why not give married women the Priesthood through their Husbands’ and let single women stay unincumbered?. That way a man and his wife can be as one. Do women know that the Priesthood can only be used to serve others? Do they think that the Priesthood gives men power over others? It doesn’t. The Priesthood is authority from the
    Lord to do work in His name. It is not the authority to rule!!!

  • Maury Jones

    In the Mormon Temples, women perform Priesthood ordinances by administering signs and tokens and, in the Washing and Annointing Rooms, by the actual laying on of hands to give Priesthood blessings, That is a Priesthood ordinance.

  • MoreMan

    Please tell me more about the “and, in the Washing and Annointing Rooms, by the actual laying on of hands to give Priesthood blessings, That is a Priesthood ordinance.” And be graphic

    • MQB3

      It’s in the Library of Congress. Not to mention all over the internet…..with varying degrees of accuracy. But yes, women perform Priesthood ordinances in Temples.

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