Man charged with forcible sodomy in Syracuse

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SYRACUSE — A 36-year-old man was taken into custody Monday after sexually assaulting a woman on the side of a road, police said.

On March 2, Tanus Mercer went to a Salt Lake City bar to pick up a female friend, according to a press release from Syracuse Police.

Mercer pulled to the side of the road at 4000 West and 1650 South in Syracuse and reportedly forced the woman to engage in anal sex – afterward he drove her home.

Days later the victim reported the alleged assault to Syracuse Police.

Mercer was questioned and reportedly admitted to investigators that he forced the sexual activity with the woman.

Mercer was charged with forcible sodomy, a first-degree felony, and booked into the Davis County Jail.


  • Carolyn

    That’s a first…he admitted to the act. Now you watch, he’ll lawyer up, cost tax payer’s money (public defender) and drag this out until the cows come home.

    No get out of jail card..

    • concerned citizen

      Unfortunately he did this more than once as a teenager, too bad it wasn’t taken care of then in some way so there weren’t more victims:-(

  • Sorry victim

    I went to Jr high and High School with him and yes he did do this more then once and I know from first hand and wish I would have said something back then. I am so very sorry for this woman, wish I would have told back then and this might not have happened.

    • just a worried person

      You should contact the police department and do what ever you can to help put a stop to him doing it again.I know him to I believe that he thinks he is going to get away with it again!!!

  • Juzt saying

    It isn’t easy to admit something like this happening. But if it does happen to anybody else? Please read what the “sorry victim” is saying. I know I have held the guilt of being raped until finding I was not the only victim. It is like a double or triple assault every victim after me. I may have prevented others from being inflicted by his sickness. So you may not know you are strong enough to do the right thing. But you are. And the next victims may not be. The guilt is far worse. Victims are the ones able to help prevent more victims. Turning the tables on to the predators. You don’t have to be a victim anymore. TAKE CARE PEOPLE AND REPORT SICK PEOPLE SO OTHERS DON’T HAVE TO SUFFER.

  • Wow

    The irony with his first name is to much. You can imagine what they will call him in prison.

    Not trying to make light of what he did. I knew him in Jr and High School too. He was picked on a lot. Not that, that justifies his actions but it makes you wonder.

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