Missing elderly man found in Sandy

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Randolp Neil Campbell/Courtesy of South Jordan Police

SOUTH JORDAN –An elderly man was found in Sandy Sunday morning after he had gone missing from a retirement center in South Jordan Saturday afternoon.

A Sandy resident called police to report finding a disoriented man in his/her backyard, according to police officials. Officers ID’d him as Randolp Neil Campbell, 73, the missing, at risk resident from Legacy Retirement Center.

Campbell was transported to Alta View Hospital and is currently in fair condition.

Campbell suffers from advanced Alzheimer’s. It was discovered he was missing when his son came to visit at 7 p.m.

Campbell has lived at the retirement center, located at 1517 W. Temple Lane in South Jordan, for about a year and a half and this is the first time he’s gone missing.


  • Jimmy

    Okay they say he went missing at 2:00 p.m. son came to visit at 7:00 p.m. that’s 5 Hours before anyone noticed he was gone?? Hmmm sounds alittle fishy to me sounds to me like the Nurse’s and aids wasn’t paying attention I know there are other clients to take care of but still this is dumb

    • Teresa Mccoy

      I wirked at an assisted living and we had what we call a memory care unit and it is locked at all times.the staff is the only ones with a code to let someone in or out.the residents and thier family doesnt get the code.we also had periodic absconding drills.i think this assisted living should have seiver conseqinces

  • anonymous

    You know nothing about the patient, nurses, or aides involved. Knowing.nothing about it, why make such an ignorant comment? These things happen, and are almost always a random happenstance.

    • Teresa Mccoy

      they should not happen.Do you realize hoe many thoudands of dollars is paid to an assisted living to insure this doesnt happen.if this happens why pay at the least 3000 a month to employ a staff that is paid for a loved ones safty.just leave them home unattended.its cheaper.I promise if it was your loved one missing for 5 hours you would not be saying sh— happens

  • Jimmy

    I’m just saying since he went missing at 2:00pm and his son came at 7:00 pm and no one noticed he was missing goes to show me and they want paying that much attention….. If I was his son or family I would not feel safe leaving my father in there care anymore if he has Alzheimer’s he should have a wrist band on his arm that sounds a alarm or even locks they doors so he couldn’t get out easy as that it’s not a ignornt comment

    • me

      People with a sound mind should of course be able to come and go as they please, but if this man has Alzheimer’s, I agree, he should have a wrist band that alarms the staff if he goes out the front door… He should not be able to come and go as he pleases without supervision… I think what happened should prove that.

  • anonymous

    Once again you don’t know all of the story! And he was last seen at 2:00, he did not go missing at 2:00. I have had a lot of experience with Legacy, and they are a phenomenal facility, with phenomenal care takers! Also, this residency is an assisted living, so unlike a nursing home they don’t lock up there residence. The facility prides itself on letting the residents come and go as they please. Which may be why this particular resident lives there, so that he would feel at home, not like he is in prison!

  • anonymous

    Families choose where their resident lives. It is not uncommon for people with Alzheimer’s or Dementia to live in the regular section of an assisted living facility because their family chose not to put them in a locked unit. The families are then made aware of the wander risk and sign a waiver. This. has nothing to do with how much someone pays or the quality of care given by the staff. This is literally, and unfortunately, something that just happens sometimes.

  • anoonymous

    Why comment if you dont know the whole story!! That facility is a great one at that and even tho this incident happended. I would put my family member in this facitlity in a instant. Thing happen in all facilities, You just dont hear about it. So why dont you learn all the facts before you have the right to comment on a facility that you dont know about.

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