Salt Lake City Police Department deputy chief on paid leave

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SALT LAKE CITY -- In a FOX 13 News exclusive, we’ve learned one of the Salt Lake City Police Department’s seven Deputy Chiefs has been placed on administrative leave.

Deputy Chief Rick Findlay is responsible for the department’s investigative unit and oversees 11 detective squads.

Findlay has been on paid leave since November 8, 2013 – nearly four months. According to a website that discloses public employee salaries, Findlay’s salary is more than $100,000 a year. Findlay was promoted to the rank of Deputy Chief in March of 2010.

The department’s Public Relations Unit confirms that Findlay is on paid administrative leave. Chief Chris Burbank replied to a FOX 13 interview request with this statement:

“I can confirm that I placed Findlay on administrative leave pending an investigation for violating the city harassment policy.” The statement goes on to say, “This is a personnel issue. No further comments at this time,”

The city’s harassment policy states, in part, “Salt Lake City Corporation is committed to maintaining a work environment free of discrimination and harassment based on a person's sex (including gender harassment, harassment due to pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical condition), race, color, age, religion, disability, ancestry, or national origin, consistent with applicable laws.”

The policy continues, “Sexual harassment is a form of harassment with specific distinguishing characteristics. It consists of unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature...” “Harassment in violation of this policy may occur even though the conduct occurs outside of the workplace.”

You can read the city’s complete harassment policy by clicking here.

FOX 13 News tried to get a hold of Findlay to offer him a chance to comment. We left messages on his work phone, via email, and knocked on numerous doors of listed addresses. Our attempts were not successful and messages were not returned.


  • Trish Ramirez

    Why is it that people on the public dime have this ‘paid administrative leave’ thing going on? You work for a private company and 9/10 times you are not going to be placed on paid leave pending an investigation into something like this. You are either going to be investigated BEFORE your are brought in and fired or you are going to be on unpaid leave, pending the outcome of the investigation.

    Why does the public have to pay this guys bills while he’s being investigated?

    This is just one more example of how people in law enforcement are treated as though they are above the law and better than the rest of us, and people shouldn’t stand for it.

    We should be rewriting the public policies that ALLOW for this kind of nonsense to go on.

  • mac

    Let’s make a list of SLPD in the recent past
    – Deputy Chief Scott Atkinson resigns amid allegations of similar conduct to that of Findlay
    -Burbank appoints long time “friend” Christa Dunn as new deputy chief. Dunn has never been a cop nor is she now
    -Officers raid the wrong house and settle out of court for six figures
    -Police Union president indicted as a thief and fired
    -Chris Burbank has an affair, alledgedly, while on duty, and divorces his long time wife. GREAT ETHICS
    – Police legal counsel, James Robinson, arrested for making and selling drugs
    -Findlay suspended for sexual harassment (should be noted not his first suspension. Accused of wife beating years back in layton)
    – Not to mention the slew of officers arrested for DUI or other crimes that are swept under the rug (one this weekend in clearfield)

    Sheesh. Makes LAPD look like angels

  • Stinger

    I wish I could sit at home and get paid for doing nothing. Why are so many Gov workers get put on paid leave when they screw up. Could you be put on 4 months of paid leave at a civilian job? If the SLPD can function with one less deputy chief then why do we have this position?
    I have said it before all Gov agencies need to refined. There is too many high up earning the big bucks. Why does it take 4 plus months to investigate what he may or may not have done. This SLPD worker is nothing more than a public servant paid with my tax money then why can’t we the people of Salt Lake know what he is accused of doing. On the news cast they said they only had a small amount of information. With the money we have paid him for doing nothing should have been used to hire a outside firm to examine the PD to see where over spending is taking place and abuse of power by officers. Start with the Chief!!!!!! What is the chief hiding by keeping this guy on paid leave to keep something covered up. Why did it take 4 months to release information?? Is there a honest police department anywhere???

  • Sherri Watson

    It’s ok not ok to harass co-workers….. But they can harass anyone else and that’s ok with NO ACCOUNTABILITY…… Blu line makes me SICK….

    • Trish Ramirez

      I absolutely agree with you, Sherri. We need to stop the double standard when it comes to law enforcement and the rest of society. Really, if you are going to be enforcing laws, you need to be held to a HIGHER standard when it comes to following them, not be given a get out of jail free card for all of your unethical and illegal behavior.

  • Concerned

    Overall I would have to say the story seemed to only scratch the surface, probably should have held off a little longer until you can give more substantial details, seems like you just wanted to get the drop on the other news agencies. The list above is very telling.
    I would be interested to know why the investigation has been complete for at least 3 months and Chief Burbank has yet to take any action. Sure seems like he’s trying to get this Deputy Chief to his retirement at Tax Payers expense.

  • Joe

    The local media needs to start digging, and not settle for the nonsense they are being fed from Laura Jones. This isn’t an internal issue, because it involves an offense with a woman that once worked for the department but did not when the situation took place.

    It is also untrue that the case is still under investigation. The case has been wrapped up since January 1, 2014. The only thing that hasn’t been wrapped up is the disciplinary portion. What is the hold up you my ask yourself? The hold up is Chief Burbank is once again taking care of his crony. This exact case was swept under the rug several years ago, only to re-emerge when human resources got wind of it. The current investigation is the result of the city EOC demanding it. Deputy Chief Rick Findlay is eligible for his pension in June, the case is sitting on Burbank’s desk ready for disposition, he will sit on it to allow Findlay to reach his pension and walk away with a resignation. One of the departments core values is Integrity, apparently that only applies to those outside of Burbanks circle of cronies.

    There are several examples of this chief taking care of his own.

    Fred R. Ross- Once a Sgt that had never supervised anything but the razor to shave his bald head (wants to look like the chief). He spends years as the executive officer driving the chief around like a chauffer. Recently the Lieutenant testing process is announced. Fred R. Ross who has struggled for years with the written testing process does well, suspect? Maybe. During the scenario-based portion of the test Fred R Ross is given a scenario that is identical to a situation he dealt with as the executive officer only months before, suspect? The chiefs policy has been for several years, and has been regurgitated several times that nobody will be promoted in place, or into a special squad. They will return to patrol where the real work happens. Where was Fred R Ross promoted to, Executive Officer to the Chief. Yup, the same place, doing the same work as he was as a Sgt. Still hasn’t supervised a soul. Recently he was moved to make way for a new XO, everyone knows that once a Deputy Chief slot opens up Fred will likely be promoted.

    Lt. Mike Ross- Incompetent leader to the disbanded Vice Squad, Incompetent leader of the Narcotic squad that hit the wrong house a year or so ago on a warrant service. Still a Lieutenant and still incompetent doing the same job.

    Several officers not in the good graces of the chief disciplined, or even demoted for sexual relationships at work. Burbank recently cheated on his long time ex wife, possibly on duty. This is with a woman that was heavily involved in the build process of the new building. Come on Chief its called ethics, and integrity…

    Keep digging news media there is a ton of dirt on this admin. Someone needs to expose it.

  • Know the Law

    It’s called due process folks. We have protections from the government. Government employees have those same rights. Ignorance is no excuse for a lame comment.

    • Robert Kaufman

      Due process for a harassment complaint doesn’t take four months of doing nothing. Somebody’s deliberately dragging their feet on this one. Someone who figures that government employees won’t be held answerable for their misdeeds. I intend to prove said government officials wrong. I am sick and tired of hearing, practically every day, about a police officer being put on “indefinite paid administrative leave” while his fellow cops investigate his “misconduct”. Enough already.

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