Viral Video: Homeless man ‘wins’ lottery, wants to split the money

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    • Amanda Tenario

      How is this mean?! Mean would be taking the 1k from him saying “just kidding” but no, they didn’t do that. This is not mean, this is the complete opposite.

    • Dugan

      I think Candy simply doesn’t understand the whole thing. She thinks that because the lottery ticket wasn’t a real winner, that means that the homeless man didn’t get to keep any money. She hasn’t yet figured out that the thousand dollars was truly being given to the man, just not by the lottery commission or the store.

  • Nathan

    Not mean in anyway it could be showing him that his luck is about to change what they guy did is amazing

  • Troy

    It’s touching true, but giving this guy $1k is not going to help him proceed in life. It will give him some pleasures for a shirt time and he will be back on the street begging. Helping him would be cleaning him up, housing him, and helping him get a JOB. “give a man a fish, feed him for a day” “teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime”. This is a prime example of enabling.

    • TW

      Get off your high and mighty horse that you rode down on from the ivory tower, and just appreciate the kindness and genuine gratitude of this moment between people. There is not nearly enough of either in this world, and when it happens we should all take a moment and ask how we could do the same. If your way would be to do as you listed, then GO AND DO IT. But don’t belittle someone who had the courage to act, while you sit behind a screen in cowardice and point out how they could have done it better.

  • tameaca

    that so rude of you saying that god will bless that person times i seen it and i cried what a heart

  • Lea Cozat

    How touching. I cried. No matter how the money was given to the man, he still had nothing, wanted to share his luck bestowed upon him. It was genuine emotions. Sad to see, hard to grasp the concept of what it meant until you have been there. I have been there.

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