Nail salon bill approved, moves to Senate

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Lawmakers are discussing a bill that would require nail salons to have a vacuum device at each station while working on acrylic nails.

Sen. Todd Weiler, R-Woods Cross, is sponsoring the bill. He said the proposal is meant to protect small businesses. Supporters of the bill claim the dust and odor that comes from the drill filing and gluing of nails are harmful.

Members of the House Business and Labor Committee approved the bill Wednesday. It will now move on to the full Senate.

FOX 13's Tamara Vaifanua was at the State Capitol Wednesday. Watch her full report in the clip above.


  • Dawn Douglas

    Seriously? I have my nails done every three weeks, but I would propose the legislature worry more about the air I breathe when I walk outside in this valley than what I breathe when I go to my nail salon. Nail work is a choice, but breathing our horrible SLC air is not!

  • Bob Barnthouse

    Get a life Todd Weiler quit wasting the taxpayers money work on Utah air Quality minimum wages and Utah Medicaid Benefits and The Mormon Curtain in Restaurants !!!!!

    • Eric Anderson

      Yes, quit wasting time and get busy spending taxpayer money! We’re not taxed nearly enough in this state!

      I looked in my wallet to day and found a DOLLAR! How dare I steal from the Collective in such an egregious manner?

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