Video: Abandoned pelican learns to fly while wearing GoPro camera

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“Big Bird” the pelican was found washed ashore after a storm by the staff of Greystoke Mahale in Tanzania, who took the bird in.  They taught the bird to fly in part by running along the beach and flapping their arms.

A GoPro camera was attached to Big Bird before take-off, and the resulting video is both heartwarming and oddly mesmerizing.


  • Jenny Lewis

    Its actually really sad that someone would mount a gopro onto a pelican’s beak, especially if the bird was just learning how to fly. It’s just as disturbing that fox 13 would post such a video and the anchorman think its amazing. Its not amazing. The bird is learning to fly and we’ve only made it more complicated.

  • Granny

    What pelicans can’t do selfies…? even Obama did a selfie…fox news didn’t put that camera on. Lighten up dude!

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