What are Utah’s top jobs for college graduates?

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As students and their parents make decisions about the future, where are the best paying jobs in Utah, how much in demand are they, and what is the potential for growth?  FOX 13’s Bob Evans worked with the Governor’s Office of Economic Development to develop a list of Utah’s Top 5 Jobs.


  • Matt

    So the article title says “The top 5 jobs for high school graduates”, but the video says the story is about the top 5 jobs for college graduates. There is a big difference.

  • R. Stuart

    What about jobs not just for recent college grads??I have a family member with an MBA and Masters in biotech that can’t find a job here. Program/project management experience too. Where exactly are these companies? The article made it seem like the companies are having a hard time finding qualified workers. He’s got a great resume with letters from previous employers. His state has been hit hard and not recovered so everyone is looking for jobs there. He would move here for a job in a heartbeat. But can’t find the companies that are hiring.

  • Vir Sidvi

    Utah’s top jobs are a misnomer I guess….I interviewed for IM Flash from the U, along with 2 other guys..PhDs. There were folks from BYU too. But they ended up taking zilch from schools in UT…they ended up recruiting from UT Austin…I guess not much high paying jobs from Utahns….but maybe that’s a loser talkin :-)

  • Joan P. Ogden, Consulting Actuary

    Challenge to you, Fox13now! How about showing some women in those top jobs — there are plenty, you know. If only males are shown, young folks get the subtle message that only males “do that”.

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