Father, sons were allegedly creating potent cannabis concentrate in SLC home

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SALT LAKE CITY -- A father and his two sons are facing a laundry list of charges after being arrested Tuesday night during what began as a burglary investigation for cops.

James Wesley Robinson - a Salt Lake City attorney who works with the Salt Lake City Police Department on civil matters--and his two sons, 21-year-old Alexander and 18-year-old Zachary Robinson, have all been charged with a first degree felony of clandestine laboratory precursors.

The three are accused of cooking a form of marijuana extract known as "dab,” “wax” or shatter.

It's considered a cannabis concentrate, and it’s becoming a popular way to smoke marijuana. But it’s dangerous because it's taking something that was once natural and manipulating it.

"Processes a synthetic distillation form from raw marijuana, it’s called ‘dab’ or ‘shatter’ I believe," said Sim Gill, who is the Salt Lake County district attorney.

Several narcotic units across the country will admit it’s a constant battle to keep up with the quickly evolving drug trends. Salt lake City police are being commended for the discovery of an alleged drug house Tuesday.

“Not only the danger of it getting out in the community, but the damage it may be doing and people may not realize what it’s doing to them,” Gill said of the substances the Robinson’s were allegedly creating.

THC is the psychoactive compound that gives marijuana users a high. "Dab," "wax" or "shatter" is a concentrated form made by “blasting” a chemical solvent like butane oil through the plant matter and then “purging” the solvent away.

“It has a different concentration level, a different value and also certainly much more expensive out on the street, so as a result it was something we had not typically seen but it’s certainly present in our community," Gill said.

Gill said perhaps the most alarming and dangerous fact about creating or manipulating drugs is that there’s no way to know the effects.

"That this new chemical composition actually may be interacting with them in ways that may give them a current high, but it has some long-term detrimental effects to their physiology and psychology," Gill said.

There have been recent reports of these drug labs exploding and causing injuries. According to the New York Daily News, two teens were badly burned while they tried to make the potent marijuana extract.


      • Chas Holman

        I wouldn’t get my panties in a wad.. We were making the same concentrates in the early 70’s. Very simple and not a big deal at all.

        Who cares if it is a felony, it simply shouldn’t be. There is no reason other than Richard Nixon one day in July of 1973, ignoring his own adviser and the science behind it, and creating by ‘executive’ order the DEA and the Scheduling of marijuana to have a mandate by the US Government to lie to kids that it is more dangerous than crack cocaine and meth amphetamine.

        It’s a stupid stupid law for stupid stupid people. It’s quasi legal in 21 (with 5 more next election) States to use these concentrates for medial reasons and completely legal in 2 states (with 3 more next election).

        If this little story of a few cats playing with grass in the kitchen bothers you, you are going to REALLY HATE the future.

      • Eric Anderson

        Sorry for my trolling again. I just cannot help but to troll up fox13 comments and call everyone dumb… Maybe I’ll just post more pics of Hitler on my Facebook…
        Eric ‘The Troll’ Anderson
        P.S. Hail Hitler

      • Trish Ramirez

        LOL. I don’t smoke pot. I’ve tried it, it never did anything for me. But I know a lot of people who do. I also know a lot of drunks, who are far more dangerous to themselves and/or others than people who “blaze up.” The fact of the matter is that our laws have gotten out of control. People complain about the Constituion being upheld when it comes to their guns, but our country was not designed to give lawmakers the right to legislate every detail of every citizen’s life.

        “The only purpose for which power can be rightfully exercised over any member of a civilized community, against his will, is to prevent harm to others.” John Stuart MIll

        Recreational marijuana use harms no one – indeed every day more and more experts in the field of science and medicine are coming forward and touting the medical benefits of smoking or otherwise ingesting marijuana compounds.

        My issue is that we have government bodes in Utah destroying the lives of people in Utah for pot-related pseudo crimes when one state over it’s perfectly legal. People are spending the rest of their lives in prison for dealing a substance that is less harmful not only than alcohol but also than most prescription drugs.

        It’s a waste of taxpayer resources to harass these people. The citizens of this country need to stand up and demand that laws that infringe upon their personal liberty be repealed – including laws that prevent adults from getting high if they so choose. I don’t advocate driving high, but that’s another matter. We are supposed to be free citizens, we should be able to make our own choices with regard to the chemicals we want to put into our own bodies.

  • steve c

    Look up rick Simpson oil. Run for the cure. This may open your eyes to how good cannabis oil is and will save your lifes.

  • conradshull

    We called it hash oil back in the day (1975). A kid in the dorm had a pretty cool setup for making it. It used alcohol as the solvent. No big deal at all.

  • conradshull

    “The most alarming and dangerous fact” of this story is prosecutor Sim Gill doesn’t know or understand what he’s talking about. He should run all this by an aging stoner who could easily straighten him out..

  • Oh Bite Me

    The people in this state are too buried in there beliefs, that marijuana is bad. to want to hear about the medical benefits of marijuana.

  • sickofutah

    I live in Utah. I use cannabis as medicine and I vote. Unfortunately the people running this state are too stupid to realize just how beneficial it is because their religion blinds them. This “story” does nothing more than shed light on Nixon’s antiquated war of failure. I guarantee Utah will be the last state to ever legalize for any type of use. Medical or otherwise. Face it folks, Utah is stuck in the 80s “just say no” mentality and it’s not going to change.

  • Ultra left wing anti-Anderson

    Criminal’s need to do hard time.
    Marijuana is an herb all natural..not meth, not heroin.

  • Eric Anderson

    I’m of the opinion that all drugs should be legal for all adults, without exception or regulation.

    Providing drugs to minors, or knowingly allowing them to access drugs, should be punishable by summary execution.

    Anyone whose drug use can be shown to have negatively affected their children should permanently lose custody of the kids and be surgically sterilized.

    It should be illegal to spend a penny of taxpayer money to treat the effects of drug abuse.

    In other words: Freedom. Do as you please, so long as you don’t affect others.

    I’m with Aleister Crowley on this one: “Do What Thou Wilt.” THAT would be a “free country.”

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