VHS rental from 9 years prior leads to arrest of S.C. woman

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PICKENS, S.C. — (WHNS) — A Pickens, S.C. woman has been arrested and charged after deputies said she failed to return a Jennifer Lopez movie she rented in 2005.

Kayla Michelle Finley, 27, has been charged with failure to return a rented video cassette, according to the Pickens County Sheriff’s Office.

According to warrants Finely rented Monster-In-Law from Dalton Video, which is no longer in business, in 2005 and the tape was not returned within 72 hours.

Finley was sent letters to return the video several times but never responded, according to the warrant.

A certified warrant was sent to the woman on Sept. 12, 2005.

Finely was arrested on Thursday after a record check showed the offense.

Warrants said the tape had a value of less than $1,000.

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  • Amanda L

    Are you kidding me? We have a guy that raped an 11yr old out there, a guy that exposed himself to a little girl and other various true criminals- but they can all wait because this lady needs to be punished for not returning a movie (that she probably can’t watch anymore anyway- even if she does have it- cuz lord knows it could have been stolen out of the return drop box). PRIORITIES PEOPLE.

  • Shawn

    What the f*** is wrong with the US? Arrest someone over not returning a rented movie, but let a f***ing kid go free for killing others in a drunk driving accident?! SERIOUSLY ARE YOU PEOPLE THAT STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Linda Fisher

    Who cares if she was 17 or 18? It’s a stupid arrest. Apparently someone thinks she’s a hardened criminal, even some of you idiots. Get a life people and quit worrying about stupid stuff like a VHS that isn’t worth $1.00, let alone being arrested for.

  • Eric Anderson

    A VHS copy of Monster-In-Law had a value of less than $1000? Duhhh….ya THINK SO? You couldn’t give that thing away at a garage sale.

    But hey….at least they’re keeping to world safe for technophobes who want to rent Jennifer Lopez cassettes for Bad Movie Night.

    When you don’t return your J-LO movies the terrorists win.

    Do you folks realize that, in some states, the statute of limitations for groping a little kid in the toy isle would have run out by now? Try to wrap your head around THAT.

  • kris

    She should have taken care of business, but what happens to all the videos when the store closes (like Blockbusters). I think they discount them and sell them. I don’t know what they do with the ones they don’t sell…write
    them off their taxes as a loss? Sometimes things get misplaced, people move, etc and/they just forget about it. Maybe she didn ‘t even get the letter, maybe she did. The company prbably wrote the video off as a bad debt, so that would mean she might have gotten punished for a charge off. I wonder how many other people are on the list she was. They better find their videos and return it to the police. RIDICULOUS!

  • Sheldon Williams

    This one seriously goes to the one who talks about taking care of your business . My wife has this Lady beat . Sprint came back on her from clear back in 98 and wanted 40.00 for a cell phone bill they never said anything nor billed no called no notice no nothing for eleven years . We had not moved till 2007 . Somehow they found us ( didn’t know they were looking) two years or so later at our new residence. threats of collections etc. after 11 years plus of zero contact ??? from them. what ya do get a lawyer, dispute, maybe small claims we paid them . just so the person with the “take care your of business “comment knows- we got it done

  • Nick Thomas-Webster

    Hoy you Americans – whats with pinching our monopoly on Cops doing stupid things – this is the one thing we Brits are good at – charging people for minor offences committed 50 years ago putting them on trial only for the Courts to acquit them and award millions of $ in compensation. Not once, not twice, not three times but we are already onto our 5th case.

    On the other hand I would plead PTSD on her behalf. She watched the film and then spent the next 9 years in denial and shock that a woman, with the acting ability of a one legged Mexican in an arse kicking contest, actually was filmed in the first place let alone placed on general display.

  • frank liberty

    Ann, you’re completely missing the point. Taxpayer money goes ito pay police, other employees and the privatized jails. All the holier than thou preaching aside, how can it be justified for tax payers to incur such a high cost over something that was breach of CIVIL contract between an individual and a fictional corporate entity?

  • chris

    I should return all the redbox movies I have never returned… lord knows I will freak out in 10 years if they put me to death over it. lol… what a shitty day for this lady.

  • Brandon Rodcen

    Common law legal systems usually have a statute, for example, limiting the time for prosecution of a debt or designated as misdemeanors to two years after the event occurred. Under such a statute, if a person is discovered to have committed a misdemeanor three years later, they cannot be prosecuted, even if enough evidence is available to meet the standard of proof.

  • E

    You want us to be angry at a woman that did not return a VHS when you are letting criminals into this country and giving them benefits and citizenship?! Stop it already. Citizens are disgusted with this behavior and have NO RESPECT to the leaders of this regime.

  • matt1

    So lets see spend thousands of taxpayer dollars and lawyers fees over a movie you couldnt give away at a tag sale… Oh brilliant!

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