Video: Layton lewdness suspect approached victim seconds after guardian turned corner

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WARNING: While the video has been edited to protect the victim's privacy and to obscure the lewd act, some viewers may find the footage disturbing.

LAYTON, Utah -- Officials with the Layton Police Department released surveillance video Wednesday, edited for explicit content and to protect the victim's identity, that shows a man allegedly exposing himself to a young girl in a store.

Police arrested Miles Blakeley Tuesday after he allegedly exposed himself to a young girl at a Target store.

In the press release accompanying the video footage, officials said they are releasing the video to illustrate how quickly such acts can occur, as the suspect approached the victim less than five seconds after the victim's guardian turned a corner.

"The video shows the suspect approach the victim and commit the lewd act within seconds of her guardian separating from her," the release stated. "Again, we would like to encourage parents and other adults to monitor young children closely in these public environments to help ensure their safety."

Police said when Blakeley was arrested he had several images of child pornography on his cell phone, and officials said he matches the description in at least one other related incident. Click here for more details about the incident and the arrest.


  • Oh Bite Me

    At The Very Least He Should Be castrated to begin with.
    And be locked up for a long,long,long time!
    Anyone whom would do something like this. Let alone to a CHILD,should not be on the street.

  • JanieSil

    My sister’s boyfriend and father of her child went to prison for 8 years for this type of stuff on innocent children, after 8 years he was given a parole hearing and let out, he went RIGHT BACK to doing the same stuff and was arrested a SECOND time and this time he ending up hanging his self inside his cell before he could go back to prison. He SHOULD have NEVER been let out. But I am a firm believer that justice was served when he took his own life and I am SO glad he cannot scar the lives of ANY other children again.

  • Christina Mullins

    I personally would never let my daughter be by herself in a store. She is always with me, in the cart or i’m holding her hand to make sure she’s with me. I hope this guy get what he deserves, justice wise and he will get it when he goes to prison, they always do when the others find out what they’re in there for.

  • Celeste Kennedy

    I have left my daughter in the next aisle in the toy department before. This is really scary and eye opening. That guy would have needed to get the hell out of there a little faster though because I would have come around and killed the little f%$#&er.

  • newsguru

    not only should he get his thingy removed, he should spend LIFE in prison. and not in the protective unit either. he knew what he did and has done it before. how sickening. I feel so much sorrow for his baby daughter and her mother. such a sick world we live in. how can that thrill anyone. innocent children should never be exposed to such things. while it disturbs me that this was in public even more, im glad it was so this perv could be caught. I have known him since jr high. was very close friends with him. lock him up AND THROW AWAY THE KEY! my heart goes out to this little girl and her family!

  • Admin

    Death? Chop his ‘thingy’ off? I’m so glad that Internet commenters aren’t the ones making the laws around here.

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