Wride family advocates for change

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Nannette Wride remembers a conversation she had with her late husband, Sgt. Cory Wride 16 years ago. The Utah County Sheriff's Officer was shot and killed in the line of duty nearly two weeks ago.

"He and I had that talk: ‘what happens if I get that call?’ He grabbed me by the shoulders and told me ‘Nann, if that ever happens just remember two things, we're sealed for eternity and I died doing something I love just as much as I love you.’"

Nannette Wride said her husband didn't have to die and believes he would still be alive today if his police cruiser's windshield was bullet proof. Their oldest son Nathan Mohler wants every law enforcement officer in the country to have bullet-proof protection and says he'll do everything he can to get President Obama's attention, but he needs the public's help.

"He was big on integrity, he was honorable and courageous, he loved the Lord, but he loved being a police officer, he loved serving people," Nannette Wride said, whose husband died Jan. 30. "There were seven shots, shot at his car. Three of them went through the windshield. Two of them hit him, one him right here, one went through his artery in his neck so he was instantly dead but it didn't have to happen."

Wride's oldest son Nathan Mohler is now teaming up with his mom, fighting for change.

"He didn't die for nothing," Mohler said.

Nannette Wride and Mohler started an online petition at www.whitehouse.gov called "Protect our law enforcement from being shot like Sgt. Cory Wride." Nannette Wride and Mohler want every police cruiser to have a bullet-proof windshield and windows.

"They put their life on the line and we can't even give them our best and that's got to stop," Mohler said.

The Wride family says this is the only way they can begin to heal, knowing they're doing something to protect the men and women in law enforcement after losing their own.

"I think if I can anxiously be involved in a good cause it will help me heal better," Nannette Wride said.

"He did it for service, not for title or for praise or for power, he did it for service. I'm not saying that all officers do that, there are some that do but he wasn't that way. He wanted to help people, that's what he died doing. He thought he was helping somebody," Mohler said of his father.

The suspect, Jose Angel Garcia-Juaregui is now dead. Despite the pain, the Wride family says their hearts are full of forgiveness.

"What I feel is, I know the anguish I'm going through and I know that family is going through the same thing, just because their loved one made a bad choice and did something wrong doesn't mean that the mom didn't lose a son, that the brother didn't lose a brother. My heart goes out to them. I feel no anger," Nannette Wride said.

The petition needs 100,000 online signatures to get the President's attention. They are almost at 5,000 signatures and they have until March 7, less than 30 days to reach their goal.

To sign the petition, click here: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/protect-our-law-enforcemnt-being-shot-sgt-cory-wride/pjMtL3j3


  • jessica

    What if a criminal steals a police car? Then what?? That criminal is being protected by bullet proof glass. Its a sad situation but this job has its dangers that all officers are aware of. Im sure they all feel the same way Sgt. Wride did. They died doing something they loved. It’s a risk that they are willing to take to protect and serve. Im sorry for the loss, but I don’t think he would be ok with this decision.

    • mark

      Good point maybe they shouldn’t carry guns just incase a bad guy will get a hold of it. It easy to say that when it’s not your life on the line.

    • Katie

      If a criminal was stupid enough to steal a cruiser, which I do not doubt there are, We wouldn’t have this TV series high speed chase to find the guy. Every unit has GPS trackers on them, any unit would be able to find them at any time. And the front windshield would be the only thing bullet proof. Side windows and everything else would not be. So if (that is a big if) it came to a police stand off, it is not likely the criminal would be all that protected. And even if the criminal got away with the car, I think the world would be better off with one less police car with a bullet proof windshield, than one less Sgt Wride. A car is replaceable, however lives are not. Of course Sgt Wride died doing what he loved. That doesn’t mean we can’t take steps to protect the future Sgt Wrides and their families.

      We are just asking for the front windshield so that when officers are making routine stops, looking at their computers looking up information, they are not shot and killed. We are not looking for armored cars or tanks or anything like that. If I was independently wealthy I would pay for this myself. I signed the petition and I encourage others to as well. Let’s see what we can do.

      We send our love and support to the Wride family from another family whose husband makes those same kind of routine stops everyday.

  • Kelly Roche

    I have bulletproofed cars the idea wont work as she expects it adds several thousand pounds to a car for ball 36 levels and lesser levels are still heavier requiring beefed up suspension. And power losses. High speed chases happen far more often, which would cause far higher losses of officers lives since the cars are not designed to handle the weight/speed combined. I feel for your loss and everyone close to officer wride. However until technology improves your idea is not feasable . The cars unfortunatly for overall reasons cannot be bulletproofed

    • Jody hansen

      The only things impossible are the ones that aren’t tried. Saying that Nann’s idea isn’t feasible is riducl

      • Jody hansen

        That is ridiculous! Start with the less expensive film and work on making itpossible. It never will be unless someone makes it so and that is all she is trying to do. My cousin gave his life for your safety and he would absolutely want to see this happen for his fellow officers!

  • nate

    Our dad is the one we feel that is pushing this decision. Officers are now at a greater danger than ever before, two in the last two weeks have been shot through the windshield and now criminals know they can do it. I have talked to many many people and the majority think the cruisers have protective glass already, the secret is out, they don’t. Having a closed mind about making a change for the better is not the way to go. When we as a country and community pull together good things can happen. This petition is to put some effort into creating technology that will help. Without a public want for such research it won’t be taken seriously. Progress can’t happen unless its sought after. There is also a bulletproof tinting that if used is potentially able to do the job just fine, and at a reasonable price. If you don’t have faith in the human race and its ability to evolve and progress when needed you don’t understand the human race. Together, united, change can happen, it is bound to. Divided we are nothing.

  • Jaron laird

    Cut some of the city workers let the grass grow long and let’s get these guys some windshields with protections

  • S Cook

    If she’s talking about Sheriff vehicles, why is she petitioning the President? Have we gotten to the level that we believe that all things come from the President? Why isn’t she starting at the county or state level?

    • nate

      We actually are petitioning local leaders as well, we are just able to actually talk to them in person, and honestly many have pledged support. If we can also gain a national audience we might have a chance to make a national change. Why not? The problems police face are largely uniform nationwide. We as a family don’t want to turn on the news again and hear of such a thing happening locally or nationally.

  • BD

    Disclaimer: I’m not trying to troll. I’m going to make some comments that the family of the officer is not going to like. But since this is a public forum, printed for the purpose of changing public policy, I’m going to go ahead.

    I am very skeptical about putting bullet proof windows in police cruisers, unless the cost is VERY small (which I’m gathering it is not). The cost of the cruisers is already very high. The cost of the police departments in general are very high. They’re so high it has become a part of their jobs to harass the citizenry through “code enforcement” for the purpose of bringing the department “revenue”. The police “protect and serve” MUCH less than they really should. Often they have very little idea about what a citizen’s basic rights are, or what the proper relationship is between themselves and the public.

    There is never going to be a risk-free police force. It is a risky job. That’s just how it goes. And though I wish that NONE of them ever was put into harms way (truly… I don’t want any of them to die. They are our neighbors and friends in our communities), it is the nature of what they signed up for.

    Furthermore, the appeal to Obama to intervene is 100%, categorically, a bad idea. It shows a general lack of knowledge of what the role of the president is. It is none of the president’s business. It is none of a Senator’s business, or a Congressman’s business. Keep DC out of local affairs.

    With that being said, I’ll finish by saying how sorry I am to hear about the tragedy that the Wride family is going through.

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