Stephanie Sloop cries in court hearing in Ethan Stacy murder

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FARMINGTON — The woman accused of killing her 4-year-old son made a brief appearance in court, a week after her husband struck a plea deal in the slaying.

Stephanie Sloop cried as she sat in the courtroom, as lawyers in the case discussed how to proceed.

“We have an outstanding issue that has not been resolved by the disposition in Mr. Sloop’s case,” defense attorney Mary Corporon told reporters.

Corporon said there is evidence that could be “exculpatory” for Stephanie Sloop, but Nathan Sloop’s lawyers were not willing to hand it over.

“There’s a competing constitutional claim,” she told the judge, adding that she could not proceed with the case without that evidence.

“We disclosed it, she ought to have access to it,” Davis County Attorney Troy Rawlings said, but added that Nathan Sloop’s attorneys have a claim on the evidence. “The competition is between Mr. and Mrs. Sloop.”

Second District Court Judge Glen Dawson said he would schedule a hearing so that the matter of who is entitled to the evidence could be determined. That meant that future hearings for Stephanie Sloop would be delayed.

She stood and choked back tears as Judge Dawson asked if she would waive her right to a speedy trial.

“Yes, your honor,” she said.

Last week, Nathan Sloop pleaded guilty but mentally ill to murder in Ethan’s death. He was sentenced to 25-to-life in prison.

Ethan Stacy vanished from the Layton apartment he was staying at with his mother and stepfather back in 2010, sparking a search. Prosecutors allege Nathan and Stephanie Sloop abused the boy so badly that he died. His disfigured body was found buried in a shallow grave near Powder Mountain.


  • Amber

    Mentally ill my ever loving a##!! He was in his “right” mind to hide his body and completely beat his face in hoping no one would recognize this poor baby!! Only tears she cries are for herself!! Not her baby that she allowed to be tortured and murdered they both deserve the death penalty!!!!

    • jessa

      Are you suggesting we should be showing these two mercy? We should be MERCIFUL in simple COMMENTS than they were to this little boy? That they beat literally to death. Starved, Buried like trash.You are a deranged person. Don’t bring God into your pathetic, shallow, simple minded, judgmental argument.

      • trishramirez

        I’ve been following this case closely since it first broke as a missing child investigation. The travesty of justice that took place with regard to Nathan Sloop is one of the most disgusting demonstrations of our judicial system that I have ever witnessed. To imply that they may not have been able to get an aggravated murder conviction in this case is a joke – I understand that they perhaps were being incredibly cautious following the Anthony case in Florida, but I truly believe a 25-life sentence was a slap in the face of not just Ethan Stacy but his entire family, and really everyone who loves their child and would protect them with their own life. It has been my fear since the beginning that Stephanie would get off with a much lighter sentence than Nathan, despite the fact that she was Ethan’s mother and it was only because she DEMANDED a visit with him and brought him into Nathan’s world that he is no longer here. I hope that the State of Utah doesn’t wimp out in this case and let her walk, but it is my increasing fear that she’s going to get away with little more than a slap on the wrist.

      • Kathy

        Don’t bring GOD into my simple-minded Judgmental argument? Is it not God who has the ONLY right to judge them? Like I said, I hope he is as merciful to you as you are toward others…that’s all, no judgment just a statement…learn the difference.

  • Eric Anderson

    What a joke.

    ALL murderers are screwed up in the head. If a person makes an effort to conceal or deny a crime then she obviously was aware that it was wrong. That’s “sane” enough.

    Fry her. Extra crispy.

  • Kathy

    Always so cut and dry for those observing in the bleachers. Until it’s YOUR story to tell, then every detail should be looked at right? You weren’t there, you don’t know why she did what she did, and apparently you don’t understand the law when it came to him. So sit in your ignorance and JUDGE way. Just keep in mind, nothing goes unnoticed before the lord Eric, even your comment our frying her extra crispy. It’s all funny now…I’ll pray for you.

    • jessa

      Oh Kathy…..God is our judge. Yes. That does not mean that we do not have the right to pass judgment on pieces of trash like these two. C’mon. Get a grip. I do not need to understand what happened to her or her husband that would lead them to mutilate this poor child. God will forgive my “sin”. Bless your heart……

    • Eric Anderson

      You’re right, Kathy. I don’t know why she chose to torture an innocent child to death.

      Why don’t you give us an example of a scenario in which it’s OK to do that. Help us understand. The floor is yours.

  • jessa

    Besides….the murder, mutilation and disposal of a child is pretty cut and dry hon. The only details I need are the horrific circumstances of this childs MURDER.

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