New bill would limit state personal income-tax exemptions

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Should people with bigger families pay more for public education? That's the question underlying a bill that just passed through the Senate Education Committee.

FOX 13's Tamara Vaifanua took a closer look at SB118 Tuesday. Watch her full report in the clip above.


  • Ronald Bowlin

    Oh yeah!!! My children are grown and gone, but I don’t have a problem paying any taxes for an educated community. However, those that have large families are the ones using the education system, they should be paying more now. I’m all for families getting exemptions for the husband/wife and TWO children; after that you are done. If you can’t afford to have more, then stop. Don’t use everyone else’s tax money to help raise your children.

  • Reagan

    If anyone needs tax credits it’s those with large families. Those large families will give back more than they take. 2 children grow up and pay taxes for two working adults. 6 children grow up and pay taxes for 6 working adults. The system receives more in the long run from large families than small families. Large families are not a burden on society, if anything large families might save this country. There are some European countries that pay people to have kids because they don’t have a sustained population growth, and that can cripple an economy.

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