911 call mishap takes another man’s life, family says

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Two men died last month because of mishaps with the handling of their 911 calls for help, said Jim Winder, Sheriff for Salt Lake County.

On Jan. 22 Randy Palmer walked into a Henderson Parts store in Midvale. While he was in the store, Palmer collapsed from an apparent heart attack.

An employee called 911 and waited for paramedics to show up.

It took about a half an hour for paramedics to arrive because of a mix up with the location.

It’s a mistake that could have been avoided, Winder said.

Palmer died shortly after arriving at the hospital. The family says doctors told them that if help would have gotten there sooner Palmer would still be alive.

Watch the full report by Kiersten Nunez above.

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  • trishramirez

    What do people expect? 911 is a great resource, but it’s not perfect and it’s not going to save every life every time. People have gotten so spoiled in this world, they can’t imagine every conceivable service not being at their beck and call 24/7. Our emergency management systems to much more good than harm, but there are always going to be errors. People should be grateful that we have the resources we have rather than complaining about their imperfections. Maybe that man would have survived if he’d gotten medical help sooner, maybe he wouldn’t have. It’s hard to say. The one undeniable fact of life that people in our society seem to forget is that we are all going to die eventually, we can’t escape that fact. We can do what we can do to help what we can help, but how many resources do we really have to devote, as a society, to being on the ready to preserve every conceivable life in every conceivable situation at all times? It’s absolutely amazing that we live as long as we do today, that we enjoy the quality of life that we enjoy. But people still aren’t happy. They want to blame someone for the fact that ultimately, death is unavoidable.

    • James

      You miss the point. The thing that should come out of this tragedy is that we as citizens in the Salt Lake Valley, as well of the state of a Utah pay monthly through our phone bills for 911 services and this system is broken; because the political leaders in this valley refuse to tackle the issue of consolidate the three 911 systems to give us a seamless system that we can count on. All leaders need to come to the table and find a solution to this crisis before more harm is done.

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