Man charged with lewdness, possession of child pornography, police say

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LAYTON — A 23-year-old man was charged with lewdness after exposing himself to a 4-year-old child in Target Monday, according to Layton Police.

Officers received a report that a man had exposed himself to a young girl in Target earlier on Monday. Miles Blakeley was identified as the suspect because of surveillance footage — he was located the next day at the Lowe’s store in Layton, police stated in a press release.

Blakeley was found with several images of child pornography on his cellphone when officers took him into custody, police stated.

Investigators discovered that Blakeley matched the description of a suspect involved in a lewdness incident at Lowe’s last November.

Blakeley is also suspected to have engaged in the same behavior at the Layton Walmart within the past month.

Officers would like to remind parents that these incidents occurred quickly with parents and other adults nearby, police stated.

Police encourage parents to constantly monitor their young children in these types of environments to help ensure their safety.

Blakeley was booked into the Davis County Jail on charges of two counts of lewdness involving a child, a Class A misdemeanor and 10 counts of possession of child pornography, a second-degree felony.


  • nodnarb

    Funny how everyone has there opinion about someone they no nothing about, you all can just go make some drama in your pathetic lives. Get your facts straight be for you assume and hang someone out to dry. We might as well be Muslim and just go kill people maybe than your small minds will be at ease.america is a joke social retards! I too have my own kids and would probably be pissed if this happened to my children, but at the same time get your facts straight before you make rude ignorant comments! God would not like you to judge you should think about that!

    • citizen

      nodnarb, I am curious as to how you can say other people shouldn’t be judgmental, and in the same paragraph imply that all Muslims kill people??

    • Innocent One

      There is video of footage of him doing it, along with pornagraphic images on his phone. You don’t have to be very intelligent to know he is a Pedophile and a sorry excuse for a human being!

  • becca

    You guys think you know this situation and you.don’t. Sure. He did wrong. Sure he will be punished. But look at you. Talking shit. Grow up. Do something with your life other then pry on others. Theres a special place in hell for shit talkers and judgmental people like you. Back up off him.

  • Innocent One

    Pedophiles stay pedophiles until they die!! There is no helping them, they re-offend, re-offend, re-offend! I know because the waste of skin that was my dad was one and he died one.

    • SomeGuy

      Really? So you’re saying all pedophiles are exactly like your Dad. Hahahaha. People are more complex than that. You can’t just generalize pedophiles like that and expect anyone to take you seriously.

      • Innocent One

        Yes almost all Pedophiles do die pedophiles. It’s a Fox News — like the Wall Street Journal owned by News Corp. — said of child molesters in 2005, “Not only are they almost certain to continue sexually abusing children, but some eventually kill their young victims.”fact. Most of them offend more than 50 times before the are even caught.

        There probably is a RARE few who can chase with a lot of willingness to change and HUGE amounts of help. Even those remain pedophiles they just learn not to act on urges, sadly most never change at all.

  • Mj Barnes

    Nodnarb..I think it’s sick your sticking up for a pedophile when you have children of yur own. Makes it look like you think what he is doing is jus fine. Quit crying about people making judements on someone who not only made this mistake once but twice (THAT WE KNOW OF) not only that but they found child porn on HIS phone! Isn’t that fact enough for you? And if you have kids of yur own then why are you not offended by this? Doesn’t seem to me you deserve those innocent children.. Jus saying. But keep yur crying about only god can make judgements cuz whether you like it or not the cops will make sure he gets a well derserved nice warm welcoming in the shower from big bubba..

  • amanda spatz

    How was he exposing himself when on Monday, when he has been in jail since Jan.3?? Not that I am okay with this and his actions. Just confused on which who has their facts straight…. Davis County Jail or the police station? Did this happen a month ago and now we the public is just learning about it?? If so, why are we the public just learning about this?? A whole month we could have been more aware to what is going on in our town………………………..

    • Innocent One

      He had not been in jail since January at least not all the time. He was on a work release program and he did these acts apparently on breaks or lunch.

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