SLC school district changes meal policy after lunches taken from students, thrown away

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  • Donna Grosso

    These are positive results for this issue. What can we do about the waste and discarded of unserved food. Children are not allowed to have seconds, even if there is food leftover after serving all the children. At the cost of school lunch I am upset that they throw out all of the unserved food.

  • Jackie

    Our district doesn’t allow a way to put money on the account via the school website and remembering to send a check or my son remembering to take it is a problem sometimes. The schools should make the option available on their website – who uses checks anymore and then it can be handled when the parent gets notification. He came home the other day stressed that he wouldn’t be able to eat if he didn’t get money on the account. At least the school telling the students the account is low is making him more aware and making sure the check gets on the account – but it really stressed him out. I also agree with Donna – not providing seconds to growing children and just throwing the food away is terrible.

    • Eric Anderson

      Your kid will survive one day, and if you don’t send money the next day, after he comes home complaining about not getting lunch, that’s on YOU. The taxpayers do not owe you an expense account.

  • Eric Anderson

    Here’s a solution: No ticket, no meal.

    They’re not going to starve to death. Parents in this state already get away with not paying for their kids’ education. (Lowest per-pupil spending in the country.) Now you want the taxpayers to subsidize your kids lunches?

    When I was a kid….in Utah…..we had to present a TICKET to get lunch. Unless you were officially on the “free lunch” program (and none of us knew who was because those kids used the same lunch tickets) you weren’t going to get a meal. It seemed obvious at the time.

  • Bruce

    It was truly a stupid thing for the school to throw good food in the garbage while hungry children are sitting there. However the parrents have been left out of the discussion. My wife and I never mised a school lunch payment because our children were that important to us. Also a person’s character is judged by a person’s willingness to work and pay debts and bills owed. Wouldn’t it be nice to have fair and balanced reporting. Would it not be down right refreshing to have seen several parents getting grilled by a reporter as to why it was not more important to them to see that their children had their food bill payed for. It would be especially enlightening to see a smoker parent be grilled as to why they could buy cigarettes at six bucks a pack while their kids go hungry. The entitlement mentality has just been given a boost.

  • Randy

    They should offer the kids the ability to go get seconds if they are still hungry. The school district where all 3 of my children attend are allowed to get seconds of the meal if they are still hungry. With the cost of food it is wrong to waste it there has to be better ways to use the leftovers than to throw them away. Why not donate to homeless shelters, people in need, etc. it’s a big waste of food and money to just throw the food in the trash and these people are suppose to be well educated and it makes me think otherwise. Just use common sense help the less fortunate instead of throwing it in the trash.

  • Randy

    I think a lot of people forget that their is a lot of single parents raising their kids and with work and everything else that goes on in life some things do slip their minds. As a single father raising my 3 children with no help at all from their mother whatsoever it has slipped my mind with all of their activities and homework and all the bills that come in its not easy being a single parent. I’m just happy that the school district my children attend will give me a call if I forgot to send in their lunch money. Just remember not every child has both parents and I don’t see it as entitlement at all. Life is a struggle especially when raising the kids all by yourself. My children always come first and by the off chance I’d forget to send it their lunch money at least the school they go to makes sure they eat and then they call me send a letter in the mail and a note home with the kids. It’s not easy being both parents working a full time job and with everything that goes along with being a parent. Just remember people do make mistakes and forget with all the stresses life has but the children should never have to suffer and not be fed because of a mistake I made. I always pay for their lunches and I’m just happy that the school will still make sure they eat in case I forgot to send the money in with them. Not everyone’s situation is the same and the kids shouldn’t have to suffer.

  • CaptJack

    Wow. Look at these good Christian values. Let’s stop those freeloading kids! Jesus would be very proud of you.

  • Kim Blatnick

    I am so thankful for the news broadcasting this because my children had a balance owing of less then $20. And were harassed to the point that that would choose to not even go in the cafateria to eat so she would leave them alone. I did not even get a phone call or a note. When I paid I called her because she didn’t give my children the change owed. She starting crying and apologizing like there was no tomorrow. I believe it was due to this situation.

  • Fran

    I am a school lunch lady, when the kids get low on there account we tell them they are low and need money. If they are negative by 2 lunches, we give them a pbj or a cheese sandwich and a milk and fruit. They don’t go hungry. If the parents don’t like it, pay your bills!!!! According the the state of Mn we DO NOT have to give them anything. It is NOT up the the lunch people to tell the kids they need money, we do it as a favor to them. If the parents don’t like it, make them a lunch at home!!!! And stop whining about it!!!!!

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