Attorney discusses bill proposed in response to ‘goblin topplers’

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Two former Boy Scouts of America leaders were charged with felonies after they allegedly destroyed an ancient rock formation in a Utah state park, and on Thursday Utah lawmakers considered legislation aimed at better protecting state parks.

The two men were charged last week, and on Thursday Attorney Greg Skordas came to the FOX 13 News studio to discuss the case as well as House Bill 68.

House Bill 68, sponsored by Rep. Dixon Pitcher, R-District 10, came about in response to the outrage stemming from a video that showed the destruction at Goblin Valley, and the bill is designed to help protect state parks.

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  • DJ

    These idiots deserve to be charged. What doesn’t make sense is that they were charged with felonies for destroying a rock formation, but the monster responsible for the death of a frozen horse only gets a misdemeanor. Is more value placed on a rock than on animals? Utah laws make no sense.

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