Video: ‘Zero Fatalities’ ad during Super Bowl

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  • Curtis

    This is my son. Some of these comments are insane! We told my son exactly what he was doing and that this would help people be safe. It was a great experience for him to learn how to be safe and why a seatbelt is so important.

  • Esther Manes

    I have to admit I never thought of someone else not buckling up would have this kind of impact, this commercial is very good and a wake up call for those that dont buckle

  • Paula Smith

    I thought it was a real accident photo, and wondered how the family of that poor child felt about using him to try to save other childrens’ lives. I decided the dad who hadn’t seatbelted himself (but probably survived) probably didn’t mind that at all, but was probably still punishing himself at the loss of his child because HE hadn’t done a basic, easy, noncontroversial thing like seatbelting himself. I’m a little surprised to see that it is a portrayal, not a real situation, but not upset, duh! I know it happens, and it may look just like this. I don’t have to see the real thing, though.

  • Paula Smith

    I just realized that I assumed the “unbuckled parent” was a father–of course, it could’ve been a mom!!

  • Rob

    This ad does not bother me the fact tax payers dollars were used to fund a Super Bowl commercial does. This didn’t need to be done during the Super Bowl more goverment waste.

    • Alex

      You know the NFL is tax exempt right? Maybe if you care about tax dollars supporting the Super Bowl you can start there.

    • Randy

      Local time slots during superbowl are not purchased at a premium and are affordable. It is also federal money not local money. You are terribly wrong in your assumption of the dollars spent buying local spots.

  • Arlene Farr

    Seriously, I’ve seen a lot worse during regular t.v. programing time and on the news that this. This brought about a very important message of the importance of using your seat belt. The other blood and gore on T.V. is simply to increase ratings and sell commercials.

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