SLCPD warn about use of recreational marijuana

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Nineveh Dinha talks with Salt Lake City police officers about the chief's message of keeping kids drug free.

Watch the full interview in the video above. Be sure to watch 'til the very end for a bonus blooper.


  • Erica

    This is literally the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen in awhile. Scare tactics are not going to work anymore. The general public realizes that marijuana is not a gateway drug. High school in general should be considered the ‘the gateway years’. Being that age exposes you to different drugs, smoking marijuana does not lead you to do meth.

  • Tina

    I couldn’t agree with Erica more. I don’t think that it is harmful and when used with caution it can just be like alcohol but less harmful. I do not understand how it is still illegal and I would hope to see it legalized for RESPONSIBLE use in my lifetime. I think that the government is just scared of the unknown and we need a change. It cures my insomnia my anxiety since smoking it I can honestly say I enjoy life more and am less likely to get anxiety or depressed. It also is the solution to cancer and tumors. I don’t understand why it can’t be legal and controlled. Tobacco kills so many people and were worried about this? Anywho, everyone have a good evening. :)

  • Levi Johnson

    Yes using marijuana increases the likelihood of using harder drugs but only in the sense that you are being exposed to individuals whom posses those harder drugs. Something that legalization would eliminate. Lets be honest the war on drugs is a complete failure and its time we embrace legalization and move away from ridiculous scare tactics.

  • yeshuas warior of JUSTICE

    use cannabis and you WILL LIVE LONGER WE are ALL being radiated by japan, and chem-trailed and having H.A.R.R.P produce wild colors in the clouds on a sunny day use polarized glasses and see for yourself… Not to mention the snow smells like burned plastic that is G.M.O. modified but what ever officer I live by Gods law YOU SHOULD TOO we are just a soul trapped in these bodies trapped in this world use blessings not unjust laws

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