Cannabis oil for epileptic kids bill unveiled in the legislature

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SALT LAKE CITY — A bill that would provide a way for a cannabis oil extract to be imported to Utah for use by epileptic children has been unveiled in the state legislature.

Rep. Gage Froerer’s House Bill 100 amends Utah law to allow people to possess the hemp oil extract and give it to minors without being charged with violating the state’s controlled substances laws.

The bill also requires the Utah Department of Health to issue parents a “hemp extract registration card” to bring the cannabis oil across state lines into Utah.

Rep. Froerer, R-Huntsville, told FOX 13 last week he believed the bill had a good chance of passing the state legislature, noting its bipartisan support. Lawmakers have insisted they do not believe it would be a “slippery slope” to medical marijuana in the state.


  • Michelle M

    If nothing else do it for these poor children that deserve a chance with something that has been proven in other states.

  • Jason

    It’s a step in the right direction. But what about adults that have cancer, epilepsy, bipolar, chrons, etc… I think this would help them as well.

    • Jennifer May

      Jason, the bill would make any cannabis extract with under .3% THC accessible to anybody of any age with any disorder. All they need is a physician’s recommendation, a valid ID, and Utah residency to obtain the waiver.

  • Cameron May

    Unless contains a typo, it seems this bill may have been renumbered. It is (as of this moment) listed as HB105, rather than HB100.

  • Tony Aroma

    A Constitutional argument can be made for legalizing medical cannabis within a state. But this bill authorizes interstate trafficking of a controlled substance, which (legitimately) falls under the Commerce Clause. IF this bill passes, it will mostly likely be challenged by the feds, and will very likely not ever actually help any sick people in Utah. My guess is it’s just symbolic, legislators thinking that they will appear compassionate. Just wondering, have any of the people proposing this bill ever read the Constitution?

  • melissa

    What ever happened to the state who keeps beating around the bush to legalize medical cannabis.. NOT fair to the people who need it daily and deserve to have relief in there life. if it doesn’t apply to you then it should not matter, but i still feel there should be that option to help those who they know it works for and they just keep running away from having it even being a talked about issue.. Thanks Utah. help those in need if you really care for people. Start figuring something out now. Your people will speak for you. Listen….

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