Ogden high-speed chase ends with crash, arrests

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OGDEN, Utah -- Police have two known gang members in custody after a high-speed chase in Ogden Sunday night.

Officers said they received a call around 8 p.m. about shots fired from a car near 3300 and Lincoln Avenue.

Police said they chased the suspects to 5000 South and 200 West where the car rolled into a house.

Officers arrested two men and a woman after the car rolled. They said two of the suspects are known gang members. The suspects have been identified as Brent Vigil, 23, Markus Cruz, 18, and Jozette Apadaca, 18.

No one was injured in the house.



  • Stormin

    Oh the blessings we have in Utah have because LDS inc. and the chanber of Commerece attract illegals and their legal kids to Utah.

    • Michael

      Sounds like you have more of a problem against a religious group and businesses than you do against the laws that cannot be enforced to the full extent because people cry discrimination.

      My feelings are the laws are not strict enough and enforced harsh enough to deter these sort of problems. This also relies upon a parents role in the child’s life. Also illegal immigrants come into the U.S. because some people rather just claim disability or social security or unemployment instead of taking the jobs that these illegal immigrants.

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