Super Bowl Sunday a challenge for those who deliver pizza

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SALT LAKE CITY -- For the athletes it took a lot of prep work to get to the Super Bowl, and the same is true for the pizza delivery guy working game day.

Pizza places prepare days in advance to handle the huge call volume.

“It's ridiculously crazy here on Super Bowl Sunday,” said Pi Pizzeria General Manager Zach Kellogg. “We even had to set up charts in order for us to make sure everything is timed out.”

The restaurant will take hundreds of orders on game day, about twice the usual number.

“It's stressful! We definitely prepare for like two days,” said cashier Dex Palmer.

Super Bowl Sunday is one of the top three busiest days of the year in the pizza business, behind Halloween and Pie Day.

They said the trick to missing the rush is to order first thing in the morning, information for next year.

“So we get two rushes right before the game and then right in the middle of the game," Kellogg said. “And then we stay busy for about an hour after the game because of the after parties.”

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