Oikos ‘The Spill’ Super Bowl commercial with ‘Full House’ stars

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  • J Ball

    I also agree. I had to hear my 9 year old son say “I don’t get it.” Well, thank goodness he doesn’t get it. However he shouldn’t have to be exposed to such a horrible commercial during a football game. Shame on you, Dannon and Oikos.

  • Ed

    Disgusting. It’s about time these corporations start promoting the product for what it is. If they can’t give the $ spent back to the consumer or donate to a worthwhile charity. No more Dannon for me.

  • paul

    What motivates corporations to use lewdness in commercials where families and children will be watching. How can we trust them to make wholesome yogurt, when they can’t make a wholesome, multi-million dollar ad.

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