Black ice causes crashes along I-15

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UTAH COUNTY, Utah – An unexpected storm in Utah County caused major slide-offs and accidents on Interstate 15.

Troopers say there were 28 accidents early Sunday morning thanks to black ice on the roadways between Lehi and Spanish Fork. I-15 had to be shut down between mile markers 274 and 275 for more than an hour.

Police say it’s important to slow down when the weather is cold because there will likely be black ice. And if there is a crash, stay inside your vehicle.

“We recommend you stay in your vehicle, because if you’re going to be sliding off you know another vehicle will be coming after. We know the most dangerous place to be on the interstate is out of your vehicle,” said Utah Highway Patrol Trooper Lawrence Hopper.

There were no severe injuries and only one person was transferred to the hospital.

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  • Dave T

    They ought to install 6 things to warn drivers of hazards, like ice, up ahead on the roadways and they are as follow.
    1. Install sensors that will indicate as soon as ice is forming.
    2. Install more cameras that will be seen by DOT
    3 Install several more solar powered digital highway signs.
    4. Modernize 511 services.
    5. Install variable speed limit signs.
    6. Build private/public rest stops.
    Sensors and cameras would be the eyes up ahead for DOT to close highway sections in case of forming ice. They would also lower the speed limit on these variable signs in case these sensors/cameras note ice is forming.
    If drivers notice things like ice forming, deer crossing, debris, they would call 511 so DOT would update this information onto the digital signs.
    They would build new rest stops paid for by rents of fast foods restaurants, coffee shops, car repair, truck stop and even a hotel. The public money would lay huge parking lots at these rest stops in case the roadway ahead is closed due to ice. Digital signs would point people off the highway to these new rest stops. This way the salt trucks could make their impact while traffic is not stuck on this road section. Until these rest stops are built, these signs would be placed at ramps where there are many business/hotels. This way people may wait there until the roads are cleared. So please consider these 6 concepts to make our roads safer, especially during winter. This just may save lives.

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