Well-wishers crowd procession route for fallen officer, funeral date set

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UTAH COUNTY, Utah -- Not far from the Utah County Sheriff’s Office, Sgt. Cory Wride rode down an old patrol route on Friday for the last time.

“There’s a lot of people out here that love them and really care for their family,” Local Resident Kenny Matelski said.

Flanked by his fellow officers, Wride was greeted by a community filled with gratitude.

“It’s amazing how a community will come together,” said Katrina Ellis. “I’m here to support them. They don’t know me, but in my heart I’m here for them and I know how hard it is. I can’t imagine what they’re going through, but he’s OK right now where he’s at.”

Wride, 44, was just starting his 20th year at the sheriff’s office when it suddenly ended on Thursday.

“An evil swept through our community yesterday afternoon, leaving in its path an unimaginable sorrow for our family,” said Wride’s brother-in-law, Johnny Revill.

Dedicated to a life of service, Wride had given up an administrative position with the sheriff’s office to get back out on the streets, where he loved working. On Thursday, he was driving along Highway 73 in Eagle Mountain when he was shot twice and killed after pulling over to check on a vehicle.

“We’re struggling with this,” Revill said. “We’re having a hard time. We’re asking a lot of questions of why this has to happen to Cory, to Nan, to the family. But we want you to know that as a family we know, we’re comforted in knowing, that we will see Cory again. And we’ll be together again as a family.”

Wride leaves behind a wife and five children. The family is in the process of making funeral arrangements, and a fund has been created to assist them with expenses. If you would like to make a contribution, click here.

The funeral for Wride is scheduled for Wednesday, February 5 and will be held at Utah Valley University at 11 a.m. in the UCCU Event Center. A viewing for close friends and family is scheduled for earlier in the week.

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  • forory

    I almost choked when I heard they are trying to find out “who is at fault” in the senseless shooting of a brave law enforcement officer. I am not an expert in law enforcement issues, but I think it was the convicted felon with the gun. You might also want to blame the system that fails our foot soldiers routinely. The term “catch and release” doesn’t only apply to the sport of fishing, it should be the bumper sticker on all police cars. These brave, hard-working, men and woman in uniform are no match for a system that routinely puts criminals back on the streets thanks, in most part, to deals between slick lawyers and the legal system. I am also not a psychologist, but the second “the system” puts criminals back on the street our foot soldiers become a target rich environment. Case in point: I was working in the maximum-security prison in Vacaville, CA. My work involved working with murderers. The prison guard told me that one of the killers was originally arrested for assault while robbing a gas station attendant. He served time and was eventually returned to the streets. He returned to the gas station and murdered the person for “putting him in jail.”
Until there is accountability there will never be responsibility. The “system” should explain to Mrs. Wride, her children, and Mr. Wrides’ family and friends, why a person who was reportedly previously convicted of attempted murder managed to return to the streets where he would eventually “get it right.” 
There is a murder almost every other day in Utah. Where is it going to end? The state, and indeed the country, in my humble opinion, doesn’t need more laws, it’s in sore need of a legal system with “teeth.”
I respectfully request that TV and print news organizations refrain from showing the face of the murderer continuously as if he is some type of celebrity. Don’t you get, these types of people thrive on the publicity they receive posthumously. Moreover, it’s an insult to the suffering families. Rather show pictures of Mr. Wride’s children playing in the park. Respectfully,
    A heartbroken citizen of Utah
    Question authority, but do it respectfully.

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