Accused cop killer dies in hospital

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PROVO -- A man police suspect killed one Utah County Sheriff's deputy and wounded another has died.

In a news conference Friday, Utah County Sheriff Jim Tracy announced the death of 27-year-old Jose Angel Garcia-Jauregui, who had been shot in a "gun battle" with Juab County authorities in Nephi.

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Police said Sgt. Cory Wride was shot and killed Thursday in Eagle Mountain after he approached a pickup parked on SR-73. After shooting Wride, Tracy said, the suspect fled and was spotted by Utah County Sheriff's Deputy Greg Sherwood in the Santaquin area. The suspect then opened fire, police said, hitting and wounding Sherwood. Sherwood was taken to a hospital with a head wound.

His prognosis is good, Tracy said.

Garcia-Jauregui continued to flee, police said, and he crashed into a vehicle near Nephi. The suspect opened fire and carjacked a car with a mother and child inside. Officers confronted him on I-15 and another crash ensued and a gun fight followed.

Garcia-Jauregui was shot numerous times. He died about 2:20 p.m. Friday, police said.

At a home where Garcia-Juaregui was last believed to be staying in Draper, the people there refused to talk to FOX 13. Neighbors they had seen him there in recent weeks.

Jauregui had been paroled from prison in 2012 after serving four-and-a-half years for attempted murder and aggravated assault, corrections officials said.

According to court documents obtained by FOX 13, Garcia-Jauregui was at a party in Provo and got into a fight with another man when "the two became upset with each other at the rhymes (rap phrases) being said to each other and wanted to fight each other."

The altercation calmed but reignited on the drive home, which is when prosecutors alleged Garcia-Jauregui "stabbed (the victim) approximately 21 times with a Phillips screwdriver."

Utah Department of Corrections spokesman Steve Gehrke told FOX 13 that a warrant was issued for Garcia-Juaregui because he had absconded from his parole. That warrant was issued Wednesday.

The shootings took place on Thursday.


  • Jackie Martin

    Better he die now than to live on the public dime until he was put to death for the murder of a policeman, which could have been 30 years we would have had to feed, clothe, give medical care until all his appeals were run out. I feel no sympathy for him whatsoever.

    • tama hiku

      I agree with you mate.That,s the problem with the system.We should never feed or treat people like that with anything but suffer.

  • Tracy

    The very best to happen. We do not have to spend the money to support this POS in prison. There may be a lot of unanswered questions but you would never have gotten the truth out of him anyway..

  • Laura Anne

    Males commit 90% of U.S. homicides. Ship all the fellas to Alaska. Just sayin.

    I missed where Jose’s legal status was disclosed in this article.

    • The Iguana

      Deepest condolences to Officer Wride’s family and friends. I wish a speedy recovery for the other wounded Officer.

      According to un-censored news outlets, the killer may have been in this country illegally, probably South of the Border, where its open season on anybody in uniform.

    • delphi alvarado

      He was illegal and ICE and the state of utah failed to get this individual deported. In my previous life, I use to deal with this kind of caseload and would constantly get ICE to deport the most dangerous parolees we got. There is no excuse for allowing this individual to stay in our country and put our community at risk. I have been gone from doing it for 5 years and it breaks my heart to see the same problems are still rampant. ICE appears to put their resources and time in getting the little benign illegals that are worker types and allow the garbage like Garcia Juaregui to quietly walk out the front gates of the prison.. This is wrong. what does ICE and the state of utah have to say to the widow of Deputy Wride? something needs to be done. Remember the killer of deputy Greathouse Fox in Millard County. Same thing- in that case, after he was deported and came back to commit crimes, re arrested, he was un detected by ICE and the state… there is NO excuse for this.. I am interested in seeing how they shred the truth in this case…

  • Richard Bundy

    According to other media ” A notation on Garcia-Jauregui’s parole order says he was “not to remain in or enter the United States illegally,”

    You have to wonder how many like him are in the country.

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