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Two deputies shot, one fatally, in Utah County

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UTAH COUNTY -- A Utah County Sheriff's deputy was fatally shot and another one was injured Thursday afternoon.

The first shooting occurred around 1 p.m. on SR-73 in the Eagle Mountain area.


Sgt. Cory Wride
Courtesy Utah County Sheriff's Office

Utah County Sheriff Jim Tracy said Sgt. Cory Wride pulled up behind a vehicle that looked "either abandoned or disabled" on the side of the road.

"From our preliminary investigation, it appears that Sgt. Wride was ambushed at that time and he was shot in the vehicle and he did not survive his wounds," Tracy said.

A second deputy engaged the suspect in a high-speed chase in the Santaquin area. The deputy was shot near the intersection of Center St. and Main St.

The second officer shot was later identified as 38-year-old Deputy Greg Sherwood, a 13-year law enforcement veteran who had worked as a K-9 handler with the Utah County Sheriff's Office for two years.

Dep. Greg Sherwood. Courtesy Utah County Sheriff's Office K-9 Team, Facebook.

Dep. Greg Sherwood.
Courtesy Utah County Sheriff's Office K-9 Team, Facebook.

Sherwood sustained a head wound and was taken to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center for surgery. He was reported as being in critical condition on Thursday night, and the extent of his head injury was unknown. Tracy said his prognosis appeared to be good.

The suspect then went south on I-15 and was involved in a crash with another vehicle in the Nephi area.

Tracy said the suspect encountered several people after the crash and opened fire before hijacking a vehicle.

"At this point, we don't believe anybody was hit in that third location," Tracy said.

The suspect continued south on I-15 and encountered some sheriff's deputies from Juab County and was involved in another crash.

"He was engaged by the deputies of Juab County and another firefight ensued and the suspect was critically wounded," Tracy said.

The suspect was also taken to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center for surgery. He is expected to survive.

Officers have not identified the suspect, only saying that he has an extensive criminal history.

Neighbors say a man believed to be the suspect had been staying in a Draper home, located near 12300 South and 300 East, and officers served a search warrant on that home Thursday night.

One neighbor said that the man and woman living in the home had not been seen for weeks.

"A warrant for a suspect that was involved in the police shooting today. He was pulled up and was unloading things from his garage and was putting things in his truck," said neighbor Patti Hart. "We haven't seen the guy that lives there for a couple weeks."

A woman, who is considered a suspect, was taken into custody Thursday night.



    • Sara Fergie

      “From our preliminary investigation, it appears that Sgt. Wride was ambushed at that time and he was shot in the vehicle and he did not survive his wounds,” Tracy said.

      HE DID NOT SURVIVE HIS WOUNDS. so right there it tells us that he died from the shot. and before that, in the same sentence, mind you, it says the name of the officer who died from his wounds. Sgt. Wride.

      so from the text we can conclude that it was Sgt. Wride who was fatally shot.

  • Anisi

    We were traveling south on I-15 when this all went down. Unmarked cars were racing and getting off santaquin exit where there was some kind of crime scene on Main Street then in nephi they shut down the freeway all the way past mills. The south freeway exit and under pass in nephi was part of the crime scene. Traffic backed up and blocked off all around. Ambulances and police officers were all racing to scene in santaquin as well. So sad that people have to make horrible choices that effect others lives forever .. God bless out officers who respond to these scenes and those who have lost their lives.

  • Michael

    My heart and prayers goes out to the families of these two Civil Servants. Thank you for your service and sacrifice. May we honor these officers and their families. I hope our communities can serve these families like their husbands and fathers have served us.

  • C Sears

    reread the article…it says where the first shooting was and that the officer didn’t survive the shooting. Sending sympathies to all family and friends of the fallen and injured officers.

  • Kelly Summers

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family who lost a Husband,Son,Father,brother and Friend. He died in the line of duty. This is always sad.

  • Crystal

    In Honor of this HERO Family has asked that Everyone wear their Best Dress tomorrow in Schools/Anywhere! Lets show some RESPECT for all the Sacrifices Sgt. Corey Wride made Everyday :) GOD BLESS his Family.

  • momajenk

    I still have family in the area so I try to stay current on news and information. This is such a sad story but what makes it even worse is the attitude of the readers towards one another. Every time it is the same. Try loving your neighbors.

  • Michelle

    It’s just very sad. Doesn’t matter how it’s written etc. how horrible to be ambushed when you pull of to help someone!

  • Arlee

    FOX reported the shooter had a “long criminal history.” It was reported there was a car jacking in Santaquin. No matter where you live today, it appears you cannot get away from the criminal element. You risk the possibility of violence. We must totally support our local police and still maintain the right to provide protection for ourselves and our families. It appears ALL of the past mass shootings occurred in posted “gun free zones” such as schools, theaters, and posted malls. We cannot afford to or do we want police on every corner. Unfortunately, when seconds count, the police will be there in minutes! We grieve and our heart breaks for the families of the Utah County Sheriff who gave his life serving to protect the public. And for the officer who is in critical condition. May God comfort their families. After our grieving, may the judicial system punish those who committed this to the fullest extent of the law! Support our local police!

  • Arlee

    FOX13. When you post a photo gallery of six photos of the incident, why is there only five and then the sixth pops up as the undie run and comic con. Just tell us there are 5 photos. Some of us are tired of the nudity when we are wanting information on this tragic situation. My 2 cents!

  • Shirley

    So unfortunate and sad. Pray for the fallen and wounded officers and their families. I hope the suspect gets what he deserves.this is not a time to fun reading those post. Its a time to humble yourselves and grieve for those involved. God bless!

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