Suspect in fatal hit-and-run takes plea deal

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SALT LAKE CITY -- The woman who was allegedly behind the wheel of a car that hit a stroller and killed the toddler inside agreed to a plea deal Monday.

Kimberly Munoz has been in jail two months since she confessed in November to hitting and killing 2-year-old Gavyn Barnett in June and then running from the scene.

Last week in court, the defense team waived the primary hearing for Munoz and announced a proposed plea arrangement. With that deal, Munoz will serve three years probation, but no more jail time.

Munoz is expected to be out of jail by Tuesday.


  • Nicole

    Wow! Now that’s what I call justice! Maybe the man who just killed that little boy in the accident lastnight will get even less! He didn’t leave the scene, almost though…..oh but wait, he may have been drinking! Well that changes everything! But If he’s lucky,he’ll get her lawyer and judge and if justice is served, I’m sure hell be repremended, sternly….maybe even fined!!! I’m so proud of out judicial system! So fair and just! GOD BLESS AMERICA!
    ****FYI-all comments made in SARCASM,not to be confused with

  • Richard

    Wow, Utahs judicial system is absurd. There is no justice in that sentence. That’s a slap in the face to the victims family. How sad and infuriating!!

  • laytonian

    Wait a MINUTE, people.

    The mother shares just as much blame. She was jaywalking into traffic, in the dark, on a busy street. She gets hit by a young girl, who panics.

    I am not forgiving the driver; however, I believe the mother shares much or more of the blame, for this death.

    The driver did not stop; that is her crime. How does that change anything?

    • Jeri Gray

      Yes my daughter is to blame for jay walking that late at night and yes it was an accident but the driver of the car stopped and looked to see what she hit then drove off didnt care to turn herself in even after seeing the accident on the new and us the familt pledding for her to turn herself in, she had no intension in turning herself in nor cared what she had done.. MY grandson was an innocent little boy who life was taken from him and all she gets is 36 months probation and she gets to see her kids and my daughter who has to live with not having her son for the rest of her life what kind of justice is that …

      • WHATEVER

        take your comments off ,don’t admit quilt after all if you read the first sentence of the article it says she was allegedly driving the car and she gets off cause of Jay walking well perhaps your appeal should be she was allegedly jay walking could of been lunching after the stroller,pulling it back etc… one saw her step off that curb ,turn a negative into a positive use there words against then

    • Jeri Gray

      my daughter does share the blame each and every day and will for the rest of her life , there no justice for an innocent baby boy our gavyn accident or not

      • WHATEVER

        Did they even talk to your daughter about how she felt about the plea bargain? Was she given a chance to talk to the judge.

      • smkdwn

        100 feet away people think about. it its dark take 2 min to walk your a** to the crosswalk she must have been lazy or just didn’t care. i know if it was me walking with my kids at pitch dark i always walk in cross walk think about it people who’s fault it really is ..mmmm

  • Stormin

    Hit and Run then get off lightly —— that’s what our illegal/legal by birth or technicality Hispanics learn from Utah who is ran by the Chamber of Com. who needs slave/low cost labor at any citizen cost!

  • Teena


  • Moi

    All I can say is the next time she hits, kills, and takes off she better hope she’s never found. Way to go Utah for sending the message that taking a child’s life is not a big deal.

  • concerned citizen

    The justice system in Utah is screwed beyond repair, No one should be able to take a life and than hide and than be able to get away with it. What gets me the most upset is they then turn around and blame the mother for the loss of her son This is a system that doesn’t work, it needs to get a grip on it’s priorities.

  • concerned citizen

    What Utah court system has said by the outcome of this crime is it’s not a big deal to murder kids and get away with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ....

    This is crazy!!! The Mother will suffer the rest of her life & the guilt alone of making the wrong decision to jaywalk on that paticular night. However, the driver had no thought of turning herself in (guilt possibly) but never came forward. But yet once again someone gets away of taking a childs life (so innocent).
    My heart & prayers go out to the family, please just know the Lord works in mysterious ways & hopefully she will look into the mirror &,her kids eveyday & think about the family she tore apart. And self destruct herself.

  • Marla

    I think she turned state evidence against a possible drug dealer. She had to have had something that she gave the state in return for her plea deal.

  • smkdwn

    the mother should be thrown in jail for child neg.because she put her baby in the situation i don’t feel one bit sorry for the mother i feel sorry for the baby only. his mother was stupid for not walking to the cross walk not even 100 feet away

    • Lashae

      I think smkdwn needs a real smack down that I would be more than willing to give. When you lose a child there is so much pain and regret and stupid b*****s like this always have something to say about everything so they feel superior to others when in reality they are the scum of this earth just like the woman who killed this child. R.I.P baby angel.

  • sm

    This is so wrong makes me sick to my stomach she got a slap on the wrist and I knew this girl and was friends with her in school, now I just hate her. Do sad that she killed an innocent boy and left him to die, knew he died and kept that to herself for half a year and isn’t getting Eben that much time in jail. I could bet my life she was high when it happened, she’s a little pothead, a proud one with pics all over her social media sites (probably not anymore if her Lawyer is smart. I do see that yes the mom made a mistake but that is not what is sickening. It’s that utah is going to let the crazy driver go home to her child and live a happy normal life on probation for 3 years while the mother will never see her son. I do hope that good comes from this and some politician decides to introduce a law that would make punishment more severe fir cases like this. I have made a promise to myself in the name of that little boy to never use my phone while driving, slow down near cross walks, and be more vigilant while driving and while walking in the street with my own baby. My heart goes out to the family who had been re – victimized by utah , may God bring justice to the whole f situation and help them heal. I would hate to live with the hate that this family is going to feel for Kim and her Father from now on. Their lives have been changed for the worse all around :, ( God Bless them.

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