Solar panels to adorn rooftops of 10 SLC houses of worship

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Congregation Kol Ami, along with nine different houses of worship across northern Utah, will soon have solar panels covering their rooftops.

On Monday Rocky Mountain Power announced the organizations chosen for the Blue Sky Renewable Energy Funding.

Blue Sky funding works to bring community-based renewable energy projects to Utah.

"We're here to announce $1.8 million in Blue Sky funding for 22 Utah organizations including 10 houses of worship," said Jeff Hymas spokesman for Rocky Mountain Power.

The faith-based groups say they are excited to support renewable energy development in Utah.

"In Genesis God tells us to be good stewards of the world and with this we actually get to do that,” said Rabbi Ilana Chwartzman for Kol Ami.

Chwartzman said Kol Ami’s responsibility is much bigger than just individuals but as a community they can really make a difference.

"Anything that we don't have to spend in making sure that the lights are on in this place we can put back into our community and making a difference in other ways," Chwartzman said.

The solar panels last around 20 to 25 years, providing clean, renewable energy that is often times less expensive.


  • Brian Michael Owens

    And Rocky Mountain Power is asking for how much of an increase in our bills? This is clearly an issue of RMP not being able to fund these projects and then turning around and wanting the people to foot the bill.

  • Jeff Hymas (@RMPJeff)

    Brian, The funding for these community-based renewable energy projects comes from Rocky Mountain Power customers who voluntarily participate in the company’s Blue Sky program. These dollars are separate from what customers pay for electricity and are used within the scope of the program. To learn more about Blue Sky and the difference being made by our 38,000 participating customers in Utah, visit

  • Joe Andrade

    Thanks to the Blue Sky costumers, Rocky Mtn Power (RMP), and the Interfaith groups for doing this. It is a great example of what community groups, individuals, and the local electric utility (RMP) can do to facilitate our transition to a sustainable lifestyle and a sustainable economy.

    Now how about a national fee on carbon to empower an even greater move away from fossil fuels?

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