Longer hours key to happy wife, happy life?

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A File photo depicting marriage.

You’ve probably heard of the saying, “happy wife, happy life.” But has anyone ever told you how to do that?

Researchers from the University of Texas may have the answer. They say husbands should spend more time at work!

The study claims the more overtime a husband does, the healthier the wife becomes.
Researchers looked at nearly 4,000 couples. Women whose husbands worked an extra 10 hours of overtime a week ended up healthiest.

Click here to read more from the Journal of Social Forces.

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  • Christie Kelson Bigham

    My hats off to current active duty military. My husband was 5 years Air Force. I think deployments and working away from home are different than being at home and working long hours while at home. My husband just got back from 2 weeks in India, and I confess there were days that I was resentful that he was in 75 degree weather while I was shoveling the snow alone. But I actually do fine with him working long hours while he is still at home.

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