Provo High School teacher accused of sexually assaulting student

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PROVO, Utah -- A high school teacher in Provo is behind bars after police said he had sexual relations with a student.

"There was texting going on between both the teacher and the victim that was found out by some individuals," said Lt. Matt Siufanua of the Provo Police Department.

According to Provo police, it was a tip to the principal at Provo High School Thursday that lead school officials to alert authorities of a possible inappropriate relationship  between a teacher and student.

"That information was taken from our school resource officer, who is in the school, and given to our special victims unit, who responded and began the investigation," Siufanua said.

The investigation moved fast, Provo police interviewed the 17-year-old victim and brought 55-year-old Donald Bills into custody.

"After we interviewed him and the victim, we had enough probable cause to book him into the Utah County Jail for those charges," Siufanua said.

Police believe the alleged relationship began in December, but no crimes were committed until recently.

Bills faces multiple counts of several charges, including object rape, forcible sexual abuse and forcible sodomy. Police officials said more charges are a possibility as the investigation continues.

Bills teaches a few different medical science classes at Provo High School, and school district officials said the teacher has a clean record

"He's been a teacher at this school for many years now, but no previous issues,” said Caleb Price of the Provo City School District. “By all accounts, he was a great teacher and well-liked by the students.”

Bills has been placed on leave at Provo High School while the investigation continues. Provo police believe this was an isolated incident, but they are asking anyone with any information about this or other incidents to contact them.


  • Christina Mullins

    Arresting during school, there’s never a “perfect” time to do the arresting. It is what it is. Someone could be at their job and if they did something as disgusting as this, then they would most likely be arrested during work hours. It’s whenever the police have a reason and enough evidence to book a person. Who cares when and where it happened, as long as they get this person off of the streets.

  • Alli

    He was arrested the night before, not at school. And he was the heart of the school. A really amazing man. Good people make awful choices.

  • Russell

    I wonder what part the girl had in this. I went to Provo high and remember Bills he was a good teacher. I hope the best for him. But still student teacher relations are prry never a good idea.

  • LaurenF

    aww man, there goes the last good teacher at Provo High… I have a really hard time believing this and i think there might be something else going on because anyone who knew Donny would know he was a RIDICULOUSLY good guy. i suppose maybe he just snapped? i wish there was more information…

  • Dean

    I know him well and he was a great man. This was completely unexpected. I was talking to him Thursday morning, the day of his arrest, and he seemed the same as ever.

  • BH

    Even the mug shot doesn’t look like him… Mr.Bills (or Donny as most of his students call him) was an amazing man with a heart of gold: he was a great teacher. I had him or human anatomy and EMT and he was great and so over protecting over us, his female students, he said we where like his daughters. He cared for each of his students gender/race/age none of it mattered to him he saw us all as equals! So this is extremely hard to believe. But also I question the girl….yes yes “anyone under age is a victim” but here’s the thing during my high school years I saw plenty of girls flirting with their teachers (but of course the teaches would never go there) but still maybe he just had a weak moment I don’t know, but I hope he keeps strong. I don’t know maybe like some people have said the bad accident he had a couple of years ago, that head injury made something change in his mind…..I choose to remember him as the man I looked up to. -we are no one to judge-

  • Brooke

    This is just heartbreaking! I had Donny for a concurrent enrollment physiology and anatomy class. He was my favorite teacher at Provo High-a stellar teacher who really brought the classroom to life. The mug shot is awful and really makes him look horrible, but really he was a great person. I don’t know what happened, but just goes to show you can never be too careful and never let your guard down. My heart goes out to both Donny and the victim during this hard time.

  • Duh

    Good people who make bad choices are called BAD PEOPLE. This is entirely on Mr Bills. Anyone who defends this person because they know him personally is not thinking rationally.

  • Curtis

    I guarantee the girl played a huge role in this. They were communicating since December. This built up little by little as anything else does. I believe sometimes young girls bite off more than they can chew and regret the DECISION after it’s too late.

  • Anne A.

    I feel sorry for this kid. That teacher should be fired and put away in prison for a very long time. Students go to school to learn. That teacher should of known that. That teacher knew in his mind what he is was doing. He is a grown adult. So put all the blame on that teacher. Stupid teacher was only thinking about himself not the student. He look’s crazy in his picture. That look on his face is the evil in his mind that his student’s don’t know and see in his classroom when he teached them. It is all hidden in his mind. Fire that teacher and put him in prison. If that happen to my kid..I will seriously tell him off, and then sue him to the fullest extent of the law..

  • Tessa

    Donny is a model teacher and mentor and was a great influence on my life while I was at Provo High. I personally plan to reach out and offer to speak of his behalf at any legal proceedings that may come of this. I encourage anyone else who feels the same way to offer as well.

    I don’t care whether or not the allegations are true. He will always be a good guy (whether he made a huge mistake or not) and he is getting hung out to dry in the press.

  • Kristi

    Great people make great mistakes! Some are bigger or more visable than others. Donny is a great man that made a great mistake. He was a great friend and colleague of mine during my time at PHS. People are quick to judge as if they know everything in his heart and mind. I don’t condone his actions in the slightest, but hope people can leave the judgement up to someone who truly knows all things.

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