Big Budah’s blog: Movies, muscles and memories

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Man, my body hurts from head to toe…I am so sore from working out. It has been twice a day and three times this week, and that doesn’t include playing basketball.

I am happy I have the energy to do all of that and still make it to my kids’ various activities with energy to spare. I have been concerned about weight training because muscle weighs more than fat. I also know that more muscle burns up a lot of calories.

I was able to go with family to the world premiere of “Inspired Guns,” which is a local LDS movie. We had a great time that brought a lot of memories back. It was held in the same theater at the Megaplex Theaters at Jordan Commons I went to see “The R.M.” movie premiere in with my family. It was also the first and last premiere my Dad attended with me before passing in November of 2003.

I was also able to check out the very funny Tracy Morgan at Wiseguys in West Valley with some of my cousins. Good times!!

I appreciate everyone’s continued support and the positive comments from folks online and while I’m out and about interacting with all of you—difficult jobs are always easier when you have good people in your corner.

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