Utah air: How bad is it, really?

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Nineveh Dinha talks with Cherice Udell with Utah Moms for Clean Air and Bryce Bird with Utah’s Division of Air Quality about how bad the state’s air really is.

Check out the video above for the full interview.


  • Bruce Chapman

    About as transparent as the inversion. Reminds me of Enron! Their numbers looked pretty good too. Like the housing market – no problems there with Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, Country Wide, Washington Mutual! Ha! And nobody saw it coming! Think about it. The point is Methods and numbers can be manipulated. Industry pollutes more than they say! There will be no bailout with pollution! they’re bailing it out pretty good now! And if cars pollute as much as they say then what are they doing about it? Where’s the Massive public transit plan? Where’s the plan to subsidies lower emission cars? Where’s the tax break on Solar and Geothermal? Solar tax break is ending now. Why are the refineries and mining operations expanding? All I see is a blame the Victim=people game and more of the status quo! This pollution is and will be way worse! I think government is using Beijing as a guide to see how much they might be able to get away with! Rally for Clean Air this Saturday at noon at the Capital! BE THERE OR BREATHE POLLUTED AIR!! TOXIC AIR!!!-it’s worse than you know.

  • spence

    pollution how about straight poisons, ever notice that airplanes chomtrails dissipate and evaporate planetearthherald.com/concerns-over-chemtrails-in-cypriot-skies/‎ with a chemtrail the only spre4ad and turn into toxic clouds. too bad more people are not awake to this they say oh that is just a conspiracy well look up sheeple and wake up pollution from cars and factories is nothing compared to what the government has in store for us all not to mention fukushima leaking so you are a little late to start caring about clean air unfortunatly we will all be dead in 10 yrs from radiation or from our wonderful evil slimy government only cares about the N.W.O.

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