Suspect in fatal hit-and-run could strike plea deal

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SALT LAKE CITY — What was supposed to be a preliminary hearing for the suspect in a fatal hit-and-run crash turned into a proposal for a plea arrangement.

For the proposed plea arrangement, defendant Kimberly Munoz would be placed on 3 years probation and would be able to leave jail once the deal is finalized.

“I’m going to fight to win justice for my little boy. She needs to be locked up. Probation’s not enough,” said Angela Barnett, the victim’s mother.

Munoz was allegedly behind the wheel of a vehicle that struck a stroller carrying 2-year-old Gavyn Barnett on June 10, 2013. The incident occurred on 5600 W near 4100 S around 9:45 p.m.

“The stroller was struck by a vehicle traveling northbound,” said Lt. Matt Elson, West Valley City Police Department, on the night of the incident. “And it knocked the child out of the stroller and onto the road. The fire department came and administered medical aid, and they transported the child to a hospital.”

Gavyn was taken to Primary Children’s Medical Center in extremely critical condition. He died a few hours later.

Police spent several months trying to track down the driver responsible for hitting Gavyn. In November, Munoz’s ex-boyfriend came forward.

“When our officers spoke to him he was a little emotional about it, and maybe that got to him,” said Sgt. Jason Hauer of West Valley City Police.

After speaking with her ex-boyfriend, police spoke with Munoz and said she confessed to the crime. Munoz was arrested and charged with leaving the scene of an accident involving property damage, a third-degree felony.

All parties are due back in court on Monday, January 27.


  • Janet Madden

    If they take the Plea Deal…..I AM MOVING TO CANADA!!!! No WAY should this uncaring,MONSTER, who left the child to die on the street, should get ANY MERCY!!! She deserves to spend time in Jail….and time in H*LL!!!! SAD!!
    Prayers for the victim and his momma.

  • msspank69@msn,com

    How is this even an option? It’s not like she stopped after accidentally hitting this poor little guy! She hid out until a bitter ex turned her in! She should NOT be released! EVER!

  • Margarita

    This is so sad that the District Attorney’s office would even allow a plea. This woman hid for months and had no intentions of turning herself in. She killed a child and didn’t even have a heart to stop. This s makes me sick and a person can kill a two year old child and walk. Ridiculous

  • Eric

    The District Attorney email box should fill up with emails protesting that decision…
    I’m going to look for his email address now.
    How can this be possible!!!

  • Ronda

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW WHAT IN THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS. Had bf not be mad at her we would still would not know who run this poor child over and left him for died. I am so shocked at this out come. I guess anyone could get a way with murder in Utah

  • Mateo

    What a travesty all around. Sounds like we need a new D.A. if this is his M.O. There should be a mandatory 1 year in jail for just fleeing the scene of an accident, for all we know she was DUI’ing it as well when the accident happened. She has shown zero remorse from all accounts. Set an example with this type of too-frequent crime that happens quite frequently here in Utah!!

  • Kevin Anthony Bell

    This is beyond sickening to me. I know the family personally. I have had many late night conversations with Angela, no prison time or man punishment will give Gavin back to us, but that does not mean she should get away with only 36 months probation. She deserves to be behind bars for years and years.

  • Phil

    “charged with leaving the scene of an accident involving property damage, a third-degree felony”. What about the death of a child charge?

  • xoxoxoxo

    When this first happened I was reading the story and scrolled down to the comments . There was someone that commented about why was the mother out at 10pm with her child and the state should have taken the kids if shes doing this n that blah blah blah. I was furious this stupid no sense ignorant person got a piece of my mind and id love to hear what they have to say now so if u happen to c this leave a comment id love to chat

  • Jeri Gray

    A pleded bargin is not acceptable for my grandson Gavyn and we will not accept it, What it is B/S for them to even offer it, Kimberly Munoz had no intension on turning her self in how could someone leave the scence of an accident knowning they hit a stroller after stopping … How could she live with herself she has no heart no feelings and for someone like that deserve alot more of a sentence then a pled bargin of 3 years with AP&P with no jail time served other then the 2 and half months she been serving now.. What kind of justice is that for my grandson Gavyn i say that its NOT JUSTICE at all for him…

  • M.R. Major

    She Needs jail time. Look at the smirk on her face, she doesn’t even care about the poor baby she killed. If she gets probation, someone should make her pay.

  • Brandon Rodcen

    She left the scene of a fatality and hid … That isn’t probation, that needs some incarceration time to think about it. Don’t let her get away with murder… It may have been an accident, but when she left and was not caught till an ex turned her in.. it became murder in my eyes.

  • Wendell

    She gets 3 years PROBATION?! I got 3 years in prison for just driving a car. Ok, it was stolen but my point is if I got 3 years then she should get no less than 15.


    people andi use the term loosely like her
    should be spayed never allowed children again
    15-25 years in prison and same goes for her entire family
    for letting her walk around free her boyfriend should be neuteredas well

  • carolann

    This makes me absolutley sick. Someone should wipe that smirk off her face. I pray for the family of that little boy, nothing will take their pain away not even if she spent a 100 years in prison.

  • Mike LeMaire

    I left a message for Jeff Hall in the Salt Lake DA’s office to request who approved the deal and how the plea deal came about. Not sure if this is the right person but it is a start. 801 468-3300

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