Salt Lake, Logan to have worst air in the nation Wednesday

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SALT LAKE CITY — According to a national summary by the Environmental Protection Agency, Salt Lake City and Logan, UT will have the worst air quality in the United States on Wednesday.

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The air quality is already considered “Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups” in parts of the state and conditions in some of those areas will worsen this week, according to a forecast by the Utah Department of Environmental Quality.

Air quality was listed as “Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups” in Cache, Davis, Salt Lake and Weber counties in the DEQ’s forecast for Tuesday.

Those sensitive groups include people with lung disease (such as asthma), children, older adults and people who are active outdoors. The DEQ recommends anyone who falls in those categories should reduce prolonged or heavy outdoor exertion.

The forecast for Wednesday and Thursday shows even worse conditions for Cache, Davis and Salt Lake Counties. Those areas are expected to have “Unhealthy” air conditions.

In addition to the sensitive groups mentioned above, the Division of Air Quality recommends everyone else should limit prolonged outdoor exertion on “Unhealthy” days.


  • Brian

    Maybe if our Governor cared more about air quality instead of trying to bring MORE traffic to the state for revenue. I don’t think he’s inteligent enough to make a connection between the number of vehicles and air pollution. QUIT TRYING TO PROMOTE UTAH AS A PLACE TO MOVE TO. The more people and vehicles equals air polution.

    • Allie E

      Traffic is hardly the problem… you should investigate all the other areas herbie neglects. Like clean harbors, stericycle, and all the refineries.

  • Jennifer Snow

    it’s all about the money – Utah has resisted air pollution cleanups, especially corporate for years – Grow a tree!, oh no,the blood has flowed on their streets over plants which are the lungs of the earth – Utah genocides the ancient Oil tree and healing superior Herb, they much prefer its deadly replacements: leaded dust and mercury fish,and chemo synthetic medicine that kills every 20 minutes and the
    NCA and roundup for their bees – – hopefully all the people won’t have to always suffer for their lack of discernment.

  • kris

    Ya sure the Gov has to do a lot to cut down on pollution, but really, it comes down to each of us. We need to drive less and cut down on consumption in general. Our demand for energy, high emission cars, and all the other junk we crave is what’s creating the pollution.There needs to be drastic changes in our daily lives to improve our environment. This is not just a Utah problem, it’s a problem for everyone. I lived in Beijing for 5 years, I know how bad pollution can get in just a short period of time. Sadly, people always complain about pollution, but not willing to give up anything to make it better.

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