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LDS Church opposes changes to Utah liquor laws

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SALT LAKE CITY — The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints released a statement Tuesday stating its support for existing alcohol laws in the state.

“…Alcohol policy in Utah is closely tied to the moral climate of the state and legislation should not enable, promote or contribute to an ‘alcohol culture,’” according to the release.

The church states that Utah’s alcohol laws and regulations are based on well-reasoned and sound public policy considerations adopted by Utah’s legislature, not on the Church’s religious doctrine regarding alcohol.

The Church is opposed to any legislation that would weaken the current laws and regulations, which include the following:

-privatization of alcoholic beverage control system

-increase in alcohol license quotas

-allow of the sale of heavy beer, wine and distilled spirits in grocery and stores or allowing direct distribution of these products outside the state control system

-Other proposals that would promote increased sales or consumption of alcohol products

The statement and videos regarding the issue can be seen in full at


  • RyNo

    LDS church is against alcohol and the laws reflect that… Allow the people to enjoy themselves and not be dragged down with your doctorines…

  • Cole Wilkes

    Once they pay the same taxes as the citizens then fine, they can have an opinion, until then they need to butt out and keep their doctrine to their congregation and leave the rest of the world the hell alone!

  • dk

    Our grocery, drug and convenience stores all sell alcohol. I don’t have to buy the alcohol and never once has the product jumped in my cart and forced me to buy it. Clearly, mormons need more self control.

  • Philip

    Not every one in utah are strict mormons or mormons at all we like to be able to drink an adult beverage. I don’t care what anyone says the church is running this state

  • Bill

    Where is the separation between church and state!! The state of Utah changing. The laws need to change with it.

  • Lorraine

    I thought the church and the Government were suppose to be 2 SEPARATE entities. I am LDS, but why does the church have to govern every single law and good thing for the state of UTAH. If we allowed lottery, look what that would do for our Schools. Instead, we help Idaho schools. We hurt our tourism with our stupid liquor laws. Mormon people do not have to buy liquor in the store, walk on by. Lets come into the 21st century, its time.

  • Charles S Bush

    You people need to learn the deffinition of “separation of church and state.” It was introduced to protect the church FROM the state, not the other way around. The country was founded on the principles of Christianity, to say that the two must be separate is rediculous. Separation of Church and State meant that the state couldn’t control religion, that is why the pilgrims left England in the first place.

    • Cody

      You sir obviously suffer from the delusions wrought on you by your religion. Your mindset is flawed and diluted. Separation means the two sides do not interact, not one side is superior to the other. Does your definition of separation apply to divorce as well? Thus allowing your archaic sexist christian “values” to rule a woman’s life after you separate?

      Please follow the parts you choose to follow privately. Let us practice if we choose to in private and leave those who choose not to practice to make our own choices.

      We do not need, nor do we want the church to act on our behalf.

      • heartbeatracer

        Cody you’re an idiot…uneducated, obviously if you don’t know what separation of church and state means…

  • ashley

    The Lds church needs to quit trying to govern the state, I’m appalled that their opinion made news as if there opinion matters so much!
    I do respect the church but come-on, where is the seperation of state and religion?
    PS I am not much of a drinker and I think people who do enjoy alcohol should be able to induldge.

  • Colemen

    How is this even making headlines? The church has opposed alcohol since the 1800’s, this is nothing new. The state legislature creates and enforces laws, not the LDS church. You all just jump on every opportunity that comes along for you to voice your opinion on how awful and evil the LDS church is. Grow up.

    • heartbeatracer

      How many uneducated people are there in Utah…? Separation of Church and state does not mean what you all keep referring to on here, the law was made so the government cannot have it’s own religion, so that people can practice religion the way they want without being forced by the government to only follow one religion. The churches can all have a say in how the government should be run, but the government does not have to take anything any religion says into consideration. Again UTAH is not run by the LDS church, it’s run by the PEOPLE, and the majority happen to be LDS, if you’re not happy with that, again, there are 49 other states you can move to.

  • Spike Bates

    I have met very few LDS people that actually aren’t going to burn in the church’s portrayal of hell. The church needs to take a look inside itself and stop sending wolves in sheep’s clothing to people’s doorsteps.

  • Doug Rice

    There is absolutely NO evidence the “Zion Curtain” (that keeps customers from seeing drinks being poured) has prevented underage drinking. This is a “see no evil” approach that makes weak-minded people feel better about controlling morality of everyone. If they can’t see it happening, then it must not be happening. Wow.

  • Heather

    Why is everyone always so anti mormon on Fox 13 and Utah? Seriously, The LDS Church doesn’t control the State. The people. Of Utah do. I make my choices by the morals I was taught. Sometimes, I do fail. I am human so whether or not how much alcohol is in beer isn’t going to make drink or lnot. My decisions are based on my personal beliefs. But I also believe in everyone has the blessing of freedom to choice. So everyone stay out each other’s business. That means both sides of the debate.

    • Bradley Hintze

      Your decisions should reflect you and not everybody else.
      That is why people are upset.
      The LDS Church (and you) feel your morals should be the same morals of every human being ever, which isn’t the case.
      The LDS church shouldn’t be getting involved in government stuff anyway, they do not pay taxes and the separation of church and state is something we should all embrace

  • callie

    The bill of rights stopped the government from encroaching on people practicing their religious freedom’s, so how can the church have any say of things relating to encroaching on our already diminishing freedom’s, this one being a legal adult beverage?

    • heartbeatracer

      Because they can say whatever the fuck they want under the Bill of Rights… Legislators don’t have to listen to them whatsoever. Utah was founded by Mormons, so with all do respect, there are 49 other states you could move to.

  • callie

    If the state followed the profits instead of the prophet of church, then maybe they could pay our unemployment expenses, since they seemed to have misplaced it from the taxes I paid into for it.

    • heartbeatracer

      Utah has one of the best unemployment programs, and also one of few states not in debt begging for federal funds. That’s because the LDS church donates and has a lot of state programs set up.

  • ELisabeth

    about time that Utah catches up with the rest of the planet. I hope they do make the changes. Although there are a lot of LDS people in the Utah state, there are also a lot more new comers that would appreciate the new legislation.

  • Tracy

    How many double standards does this church have. Brigham Young built a whiskey distillery in Utah. Now they want to influence the state’s liquor laws. It is time for the church to get out of government and for the State to get out of the church by spending my tax dollar to inforce church beliefs. Not everyone in Utah is Morman stop forcing it on us!!!

  • spence

    legalize weed and then a lot of people would quit drinking alcohol, the mormon freemasons of this state wants to dictate what we do. I say one of the most deceived religions there is and people are blind you cannot even have a friend that is a mormon cause they are always trying to convert you in and not just accept ypu for who you are the wolf dressed in sheeps clothing millions deceived how pathetic yeshua and Yahweh the father and son is not known by many because we have been hoodwinked

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